Hong Kong Festivals and Events

Known as the events mecca of Asia, festivals and activities in Hong Kong provide you year-round experiences in World class sports events, concerts and performances, art fairs and food carnivals. and the fascinating local festivals with their spectacular colorful celebrations. You will have a wonderful Hong Kong festival trip from the officially supported "M" Mark Events to ancient and quirky local festivities. Immerse yourself in the local customs and culture by getting to know some of the key traditional Chinese festivals and events celebrated each year in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Festivals and Events By Month

In order to check out the time schedule of all the festivals and activities in Hong Kong for better planning of your Hong Kong tour, here below we provide you the time schedule of events in Hong Kong by month, as well as the Disney Halloween Time in Hong Kong specially for your Hong Kong family tour.

Major Festivals in Hong Kong

Besides the Chinese Festivals such as Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-autumn Festival celebrated the same as those in mainland China, Hong Kong also owns festivals and celebrations of its diverse culture.

Name  Type Date
Chinese New Year Chinese Festival Jan 1st of Lunar Month
Tin Hau Festival Chinese Festival April
The Cheung Chau Bun Festival Chinese Festival April 5th-9th of Lunar Month
Dragon Boat Festival Chinese Festival May 5th of Lunar Month
Dragon and Lion Dance Festival Chinese Festival January 1st
Great European Carnival Yearly Celebration December
Halloween Western Festival October
Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival Local Theme Festival October
Christmas and NYE Western Festival Late December

Activities in Hong Kong

Every year, there are many activities and events held in Hong Kong, with different themes of sports, art and perfomance, as well as exhibition and convention. The famous activities and events in Hong Kong include Hong Kong Food Festival, Hong Kong Sevens and Asian Hollywood-Media Asia. 

Highlight Events in Hong Kong

Events in Hong Kong by Theme

We listed the events in Hong Kong by theme, for the convenience of your selection. Please check the details below.

Sports and Recreation

Arts and Performances

Exhibitions and Consumer Fairs

Sites for Events in Hong Kong

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