Changyu Wine Culture Museum in Yantai City

Where is Changyu Wine Culture Museum?

Changyu Wine Museum, located at the formal site of Chongyu Wine Company (No. 56 Dama Road), in Yantai City. The museum is about 2km from Yantan Railway Station, about 2km from the Yantai Port and about 20km from the local airport.

Why is Changyu Wine Culture Museum So Special?

The Changyu Wine Culture Museum was founded in 1892, introduces the history of China’s oldest and largest Western-style winery, which produces grape wines as well as brandy and a Chinese ‘health liquor’. It has developed into an internationally recognized wine brand whose Brandy, Red Wine, Vermouth and Riesling white wine is loved by wine lovers throughout the world.

History of Changyu Wine Culture Museum

In 1892, when the Westernization Movement was booming, Zhang Bishi, a Chinese living in Malaysia, founded the Changyu Winery in Yantai. Originally, it had only been a small wine maker. In 1915, at the Panama Pacific Exposition, their products — brandy, red wine and Riesling — were awarded not only certificates of merit, but also gold medals.

Main Attractions of Changyu Wine Culture Museum

The museum is divided in two parts: a wine cellar built underground and a display area.

The large cellar was built in 1894 and has an area of 3,054 square meters. It is more than seven meters deep and was once called ‘the biggest underground cellar in Asia’. It stores about 600 oak wine barrels in 14 different standards. Among these oak wine barrels are three well-preserved large barrels from 1908 which are made of oak from France. Each of them can hold about 15 thousand liters of wine and now they are exhibits.

The museum’s display area showcases the changes and development that the Changyu Wine Company underwent in the last century. The four-story museum is composed of a great hall, a history hall, a modern hall, a calligraphy hall and a collection hall.

How to Get to Changyu Wine Culture Museum?

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Independent Travel

Take Bus Line 3, 17 or 28 to Changyu Museum Station.

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