Century Park in Shanghai

Why is Century Park in Shanghai so Special?

Shanghai Century Park is an oasis of green and tranquility in a city that runs on speed and lights. Hosting a total of 140 hectares, it is the ideal place in which to find peace in a cosmopolitan hub such as Shanghai. It boasts the largest ecological city park rich in natural features in the central area of Inner Ring Ling of Shanghai. The park’s landscaping combines British, Japanese, and Chinese gardening styles. Well known places in Century Park include Bird Island, The Lucky Pond, and the lotus pond, etc.

Where is Century Park in Shanghai? 

Shanghai Century Park is located in the Huamu Administrative and Cultural Center of Pudong New Area.

How to Get There?

  • Get off at Century Park Station and Yanggao South Road Station if you are using a Metro Line 2
  • Get off at Jingxiu Road Dock if you are using a Zhangjiabang line, Yangzhu line number 637 and 983 for buses, Tunnel Line 4, Bus lines 640, 794 and 788 and Bridge Line 2

Highlights of Shanghai Century Park

Century Flower Clock

The century flower clock opposite the mirror lake is the landmark of Century Park. It is decorated with all kinds of flowers. The time signal of clock is controlled by satellite instrument, and the timing error is only 0.03 seconds.

Jingtian Lake

Jingtian Lake is also known as Mirror Sky Lake. The best way to get into this beautiful lake is through gate 1. It is the largest artificial water body in Shanghai, with lovely bird life.

The Lake Islands

There is a lake in the park and an island in the middle. Tourists can rent a boat to sail on the water for a period of time, pass through the island, and get a new perspective and experience in the park.

Musical Fountain

Musical Fountain in the park contains 208 shower nozzle and 600 lights. Each nozzle is decorated with three different colors special waterproof lights. When the musical fountain plays, the light and water change with the music, which make the view very exiting.

Useful Travel Tips

  • Open Hours: 07:00 to 18:00
  • Admission Fee: CNY 10; with the exception of elderly over 70 years of age and children below 120 centimeters in height who are exempt from a fee

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Edited by Olive Zhang/张银芳