Beihai Haimen Golf Club

Beihai Haimen Golf Business Co., Ltd. (Haimen Golf Club)(北海海门高尔夫商务有限公司/海门高尔夫球会) owns the first international standard 18-hole golf course in the Beibu Gulf area (北部湾). The golf course is adjacent to Beihai City and located on the west side of the urban area along the Dadunhai (大敦海) coastal and nearby the Guantouling National Forest Park (冠头岭国家森林公园). North surrounding by the emerald smog and south unbounded sea view all the round of Beibu Gulf. This is beautiful scenery and comfortable environment for gulf activity. The club covered 1,500 acres which lake area takes 260 acres.

Besides the fairway, the rough area and the obstacle area are covered by the well-know at home and abroad silver sand of the Beihai Silver Beach (北海银滩). The low tropical plants intersperse and flashing with green. The sand reflected silver light slightly, the lake like flowing emerald green belt. The extreme contrast between the blue sky, clear water, green grass and silver sand makes you feel great. You can feel the modern atmosphere of urbanization and the historical vicissitudes of the ancient Water Silk road (水上丝绸之路).

Add: No. 1, Jinhai Avenue, Beihai City, Guangxi

Chinese Name:北海海门高尔夫球会 (18洞)
Chinese Address:广西北海市金海岸大道1号
Translated by Pu Zhiming/普志明