Guangzhou Conghua Hotspring Golf Club

Conghua Hot Springs Golf Club(广东从化温泉高尔夫) is a golf course in Guangzhou that some Guangzhou golfers descrobe as “Paradise above the city” are the right words to describe the Guangzhou Conghua hot spring Golf & Country Club. This Guangzhou golf course is located in the heart of Guangzhou City, featuring up-scale residential housing and the lion share of Guangzhou’s best five stars hotels only a few minutes away – Guangzhou golfers love to play Conghua Hot Springs Golf Club, which is less than 30 minutes drive to the International Airport or the high speed Railway Station in Guangzhou.

This Guangzhou golf club is located in Conghua Hot Spring Resort. The most famous attraction of this Giangzhou golf club is that it has hot sand bath. Guangzhou golfers can dig holes in the sand, and then spring gushes out. When lying down in the sand hole, enjoy the hot spring after your round of golf at one of Guangzhou’s most loved golf courses. Its hot spring bath in the sand makes this resort very famous in Guangzhou not just for golf. Conghua Hot Spring Golf Club is 75km from Guangzhou and there are two golf courses. The 18 hole 6,562 yard south Guangzhou golf course has been put into use and the design and modeling for the 72 par 6,530 yard north course has been finished and would be put into use within two years. The lighting system at night of this Guangzhou golf course will be put into use in near future.

Chinese Name:广东从化温泉高尔夫 (36洞)
Chinese Address:广东省广州市从化温泉镇105国道旁