Zhangbei Grassland in Zhangjiakou

Location of Zhangbei Grassland

Zhangbei Grassland (张北草原) in Zhangjiakou is located in Zhangbei County, 70 kilometers northwest of Zhangjiakou. 

Two Main Grasslands

Zhangbei Grassland consists of two grasslands, Zhongdu(中都) and Anguli(安固里). In Zhangbei grassland, you can ride horses and shoot arrows; you can also watch horsemanship, wrestling, grassland singing and dancing and other traditional grassland entertainment projects.

Zhongdu Grassland

Zhongdu Primitive Grassland has geographical environment and its Resort is the nearest grassland resort to Beijing (250 km). Holiday Village implements a full range of vulgar services, wearing bright robes, waistband ribbons of Mongolian girls, holding a silver bowl for your toast, holding Hada(哈达) high for your blessing, a song of toast let people ripple. Summer here is cool, refreshing and pleasant. The sky is high and the earth is broad. The grass is several feet high. Birds are singing together and flowers are everywhere, which makes tourists relaxed and happy.

Anguli Grassland

Anguli grassland Anguli, Mongolian “goose” meaning. Anguli grassland has a total area of 230,000 mu, which is one of the largest and highest-grade scenic spots in grassland tourism in China. Anguli is rich in water and grass, and wild and wild. Flowers are in full bloom in summer, including Malan, Plum, Bitter Cauliflower, Saffron, Chrysanthemum, etc. There are many birds, such as white swan, goose, Mandarin duck, lark, thrush, cuckoo and so on. In the scenic area of Angulinao, the water area is 100,000 mu, which is the largest plateau inland lake in North China.

Main attractions in Zhangbei Grassland 

  • Zhangbei Bashang mainly refers to the Zhongdu grassland in Zhangbei County, Hebei Province, which is a part of Xilinguole grassland. Bashang grassland covers an area of 360 square kilometers, which is part of Inner Mongolia grassland. The average elevation is about 1700 meters, and the highest elevation is about 2400 meters.
  • The birthplace of Luanhe River and Chaohe River is among them, with latitudes ranging from 41 to 42 degrees. The average temperature of tourism season in Bashang is about 18 C, and the annual average temperature is about 1.4-6 C.
  • The scenery on the dam is beautiful, the sky is blue in summer, the green grass is green, the clouds are beautiful, the wild fragrance is fragrant; the golden autumn season, the mountains are red, the wild fruits are fragrant; in winter, the snow is shining, the jade trees are blossoming, here is like a beautiful poem, a beautiful picture.

Matters Needing Attention

  •  Choose a companion to ride with someone who is physically equivalent to you, otherwise you will delay each other and affect the journey.
  • Traffic safety will encounter a lot of big trucks like Transformers along the way. Don’t rush with them, try to make way, be ready, and don’t ride at night.
  • Dust-proof sunscreen in August photography is very serious, wearing cycling clothes exposed arms and legs easily sunburn, to take good sunscreen. Masks are necessary, especially when trucks carrying building materials pass by, which may cause dust to fly and affect breathing and sight.
  • Enjoy the journey and communicate with the local people as much as possible. Don’t ride foolishly for the journey, you will miss a lot of things.

Zhangbei Grassland Music Festival

June to September is the golden season of tourism in Zhangjiakou grassland area, where beautiful scenery and pleasant climate have formed scenic spots such as Huatian Grassland Sea and Five-Flower Meadow.Many flowers are opening, alfalfa, maize maze, golden leaf elm, lavender and so on. It is colorful and pleasant to visit. Five-flower meadow scenic spot is the most typical primitive wetland grassland in the country. It enjoys the reputation of “the first meadow in the world” and “the most beautiful flower sea in North China”. Every summer, thousands of mu of meadow blooms in yellow, white, purple, pink and other colorful flowers, forming a very beautiful picture. The annual “Grassland Music Festival” and “Miss World Tourist Beauty Contest” have pushed the grassland tourism to a new artistic conception and climax. The famous Zhangbei Grassland Music Festival is held on the Zhongdu Grassland in late July for three days every year. Many types of music are performed during the festival, including rock music, pop, folk, metal, and rap. The music festival is very appealing to music lovers of all ages.The festival attracted 200,000 people and played a new chapter in the music grassland. More tourists experience the endless charm of the music grassland.

Food & Accommodation at Zhangbei Grassland

At present, the region has built Zhangbei Zhongdu, Senado, Guyuan Saiwai Manor and other grassland resorts. Zhangbei Zhongdu Primitive Grassland Resort is located in the center of Huatiancaohai Scenic Area. It is the nearest grassland resort to Beijing. It has the largest Mongolian yurts and high-end Mongolian villas in the world. It can accommodate more than 1000 people at the same time. It is a national 4A-level scenic spot integrating summer sightseeing, business meetings and leisure and entertainment.

How to Get to Zhangbei Grassland in Zhangjiakou

  • By Long-distance Bus
    Take a long-distance bus to Zhangbei County from the Beijing Liuliqiao Long-distance Passenger Station, or from the Northern Suburban Long-distance Bus Station, and then take a taxi to the site at the price of about CNY 35. The long-distance bus is available from 6:10 to 16:40 at a price of CNY 85 to CNY 100. The duration is about 3 hours.
  • By Train
    First take a train to Zhangjiakou South Railway Station from Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, or Beijing North Railway Station; next, walk northward to Zhangjiakou South Passenger Station and take a long-distance bus to Zhangbei County; and then take a taxi to the site at a price of about CNY 35. Please to check the real-time China Train Schedule. The long-distance bus leaves Zhangjiakou for Zhangbei at 17:20 at a price of CNY 14, and the duration is about 50 minutes. The train schedule is listed below.
  • By Bicycle
  • Beijing North Railway Station has trains to Shacheng. Bicycle travel can start from Shacheng – Jiming Yi – Xuanhua – Zhangbei. If you can’t ride to Zhangjiakou, you can change to Zhangbei’s bus and go directly to the music festival venue.

Travel Tips for Zhangbei Grassland Trip

  • Don’t buy sleeping bags with around 100RMB envelopes on the market (more suitable for seaside use), at least the wholesale price should be more than 150 before it is more reliable. In the grassland in early August, the temperature can reach about 30 degrees in the daytime and 12 degrees in the night. The temperature difference between day and night is large, so we should bring enough warming supplies.
  • It is suggested to ride a folding bike with variable speed. If you can’t ride it, you can change other means of transportation at any time. To choose good quality bags, you can put tents, water, food and daily necessities in.
  • Eco-environmental protection will try to take away their domestic waste, cooperate with the environmental protection measures of the organizers, and live in harmony with grassland biology.
  •  Of course, carrying some trauma and mosquito control drugs is necessary.

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