Zechawa Valley in Jiuzhaigou

Why is Zechawa Valley So Special?

Zechawa Valley(则查洼沟) is the south-eastern section of Jiuzhaigou. 18 kilometers in length, which is the longest and highest route in Jiuzhaigou. Zechawa Valley scenic spots along the valley, including Long Lake, the Seasonal Lakes, and Five-Color Pond.

Main Attractions of Zechawa Valley?

  • Long Lake is the highest, largest, and deepest lake taking the shape of a crescent, located at the end of Zechawa, covering an area of 930,000 square meters. The source of Long Lake is melted snow from the mountains. According to folklore, a monster lives in the the lake, adding to the mystery of the lake. In winter, the lake is frozen 60 centimeters on the surface and is an ideal place for skating.
  • Seasonal Lakes are a series of lower, middle and upper lakes along the main road. The lower Seasonal Lake is in the vicinity of Zechawa Village. The middle Seasonal Lake is surrounded by woodland. The upper Seasonal, next to Five-Color Pond and surrounded by cliffs.
  • Rising almost 2,995 meters above sea level, Five-Color Pond takes up more than 5,645 square meters. It is the smallest but most splendid lake among the Jiuzhaigou lakes. It is notable for its richly-colored underwater landscape and bright, clearest waters.

How to Get to VZechawa Valley?

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Independent Travel


You can choose to take a bus at Nuorilang Central Station, go to Long Lake, then hike to the Colorful Pool, and then go down to the Upper Season Sea. Last ride back.

Useful Travel Tips 


Zechawa Valley is a long way to go, and there are not many scenic spots. It is not recommended to completely hike.

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