Munigou Valley in Jiuzhaigou

Why is Munigou Valley in Jiuzhaigou So Special?

Munigou Valley belongs to the western part of Huanglong National Scenic Reserve. After ten years of development, this unknown valley has now been listed as the World Biosphere Reserve, World Natural Heritage as well as the Green Globe 21 of UN. Its spectacular mountain scenery, large waterfall and the surrounding culture combine to create an attractive landscape.

Where is Munigou Valley in Jiuzhaigou?

Munigou Valley is located in the mirror of Muni Township, southwest of Songpan county, Sichuan province. It covers an area of 160 square meters, the lowest altitude is 2800 meters, the highest altitude is 4070 meters, and the annual average temperature is about 4 degrees.

How to Get to Munigou Valley in Jiuzhaigou?

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Independent Travel

For independent travelers you can 

Take a bus from Chengdu Chadianzi Bus Station to Songpan County, and the buses depart at 7:30, 9:30, 11:30 and 13:00. The bus fare is CNY109. After arrival, hire a local car or taxi to Mounigou Valley and the fare is around CNY200.

Main Attractions in Munigou Valley in Jiuzhaigou

Zhaga Waterfall

Zhaga Waterfall is 3270m above sea level, 93.2m high and 35m wide. Among the most beautiful waterfalls, Zhaga Waterfall feels like the most supernatural one. When the waterfall rushes down from the travertine steps, it creates a large spray and an earsplitting sound. Visitors will be astonished by the amazing scene. The filemot rock cliff of the waterfall shows some flowery color under the sunshine.

Swan Lake

Swan Lake, the first lake to enter the scenery sightseeing area, covers an area of about 13300 square meters. The water there is dark blue. It is named after the wild duck and Swan in side the lake.

Zhuo Jin Festival

Munigou, the Tibetan people live on this ancient and magical land for thousand years. Zhuojin Festival is their traditional festival, which held on May 15 of the lunar calendar every year. During the festival, the activities are rich and colorful, including traditional competitive performances such as horse racing, yak racing, wrestling, chess, etc., as well as the traditional songs and dances performed by Tibetan families such as Guozhuang, tap dancing, string dancing, etc.

Useful Travel Tips

  1. The taboo of Tibetan custom: The Tibetans never eat donkey and dog. They don’t eat fish in some places.
  2. The road to Zhaga Waterfall Scenic Area should follow the “right hand principle”: go on the right road and come back on the right road

Nearby Attractions

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