Yulin Desert Lvtaosha Golf Club

Located in Sandland Ecological Park of Yulin City(榆林市沙地生态公园),Shaanxi Golden Dunes Golf Club is implemented heavily by Shan’xi Hengtaiweiye(陕西亨泰伟业) Investment Co.,Ltd., and managed effectively by Yulin Hendry(榆林亨德瑞) Culture and Sports Industry Development Co.,Ltd.


The Golden Dunes Golf Club blends golf play leisure with business social connection and cultural and recreational experience as well as agricultural eco-tourism as a whole.With the win-win cooperation of developers and the internationally renowned planning and design firm, an international high-end community with unique characteristics is created. Besides, it worked the new miracle in the struggle between man and nature.

What’s more, the vibrant scene of the harmonious needs between human and nature is reflected by the natural desert and the green lawn. On the verdancy of the course came a dazzling brilliance,just like the emerald inlaid on gold. Standing against the breeze, it will makes you relaxed and refreshing when you see the wilds fulled with the boundless desert and the wild smell mingled with Links. Also, the undulation of the fairway hides the unknown dangers and challenges.

Facility Scale

Site Facility

There are two international standard 18-hole golf courses.

Supporting Facilities

Our club equipped with large-scale luxury club with pure Tuscany style, ingenious 36 standard hitting bays with double layer, golf driving range with 4 separate private VIP rooms and a five-star Golf Hotel, etc. Besides, the professional management team of the international standard and the well-trained service team here are meticulous at the service of the distinguished members.

Geographical Location

Golden Dunes Golf Club is located in Yulin(榆林), the northernmost city of Shaanxi(陕西) province, lies on the transitional zone from Mu Us desert to Loess plateau, positions at the border of Shaanxi(陕西), Gansu(甘肃), Ningxia(宁夏), Inner Mongolia(内蒙古) and Shan’xi(山西), faces the Yellow River and Shan’xi(山西) in the east, Ningxia(宁夏) and Ganssu(甘肃) in the west, Inner Mongolia(内蒙古) in the north and Yan’an(延安) City in the south.

Basic Information

English Name: Yulin Desert Lvtaosha Golf Club/Shaanxi Golden Dunes Golf Club
English Name:榆林大漠绿淘沙高尔夫俱乐部 (18洞)
Translated By: Song Huiling/宋慧琳