Tangshan Caofeihu Sports Park Golf Club

As 18-hole golf course at the Caofeihu Sports Park, Tangshan Caofeihu Sports Park Golf Club(唐山市妃湖体育公园高尔夫球场) is an integral part of the club. On the premise of respecting the whole historical environment, the club adopts a modern architectural style. It has various supporting services and facilities, and the interior is exquisitely decorated. The whole day design follows the people-oriented design concept, stresses the perfect combination of architecture and external environment, so that you can fully enjoy the beautiful scenery and careful service of the club in a limited time and can satisfy you from the business meeting to the entertainment leisure each kind of demand.
The 3,000-acre Caofei Lake Sports Park comprises the following:
* An 18-hole International Championship-level Golf Course * a natural water driving range
* A 2,500-square-meter high-class private club with gross leasable area to the east and adjacent to Caofei Lake(曹妃湖) and Tangcao expressway(唐曹高速公路) to the west, it is adjacent to the Shuanglong River(双龙河), the national 4A level wetland scenic area, to the South, the Bohai Sea Convention Center (The permanent venue of the CAOFEIDIAN forum/渤海会议中心) and the big shell hot spring, the Caofeidian District wetland and the bird nature reserve. It is 240 kilometers from Beijing, 139 kilometers from Tianjin, 91.5 kilometers from Tianjin Binhai new area(天津滨海新区), 80.9 kilometers from Tangshan, 18.8 kilometers from Tanghai County(唐海县), and 26 kilometers from Caofeidian. Accommodation, entertainment, tourism, meeting reception, leisure and vacation, sports and fitness, SPA health into one.

Chinese Name:曹妃湖体育公园 (18洞)
Chinese Address:河北省唐山市唐海县七农场三队曹妃湖体育公园
Tel:0315- 8840444
Translated by Zhong Jun/钟珺