Taiping National Forest Park in Huxian County, Xian

Why is Taiping National Forest Park So Special?

  1. Taiping Forest Park is known as ‘The Jiuzhaigou in the North China‘. With a total area of 2,117 hectares (about 5,231 acres), it invites visitors to refresh themselves in its natural beauty.
  2.  In July 2010, the National Tourism Administration assessed the park as a national AAAA class tourist attraction. In December 2010, Xi’an Municipal Government recognized Xi’an as “Xi’an service brand”.
  3. With nearly one hundred scenic spots inside,it is the central scenic area of the Zhongnanshan World Geological Park and the National Central Park.

Brief Introduction of Taiping National Forest Park

Taiping National Forest Park is located in Taiping Valley, Huxian County, Xian City, Shaanxi Province. A total area of 6085 hectares. Elevation between 880 meters-3000 meters, the highest ice top 3015 meters. The park is rich in plant resources and has a wide variety of species. The State protects more than 30 species of animals.

In 1997, Taiping National Forest Park became a provincial forest park in Shaanxi Province, and was promoted to National Forest Park in December 2004.  In July 2010, the National Tourism Administration assessed the park as a national aaaa class tourist attraction. In December 2010, Xi’an Municipal Government recognized Xi’an as “Xi’an service brand”.

Taiping Valley is so named because an emperor of Sui Dynasty (581-618) built the Taiping Palace there. With an average annual temperature ranging between 7 and 10 degrees Celsius, this park is gorgeous with its natural scenery, and served itself as a summer resort during the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

How to get to Taiping National Forest Park

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Independent Travel

 How to get to Taiping National Forest Park from Xi’an

1. Xi’an Huanshan Tourist Line: The Huanshan tourist line 1 can be taken from 08:30 to 11:30 at the North Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda. It returns from 13:30 to 17:30. It costs CNY 8 for bus with air-conditioner.

2. The no. 921 bus from Xi’an Coach Station located on Fengqing Road is avaiable from 5:30 to 18:00.

3. The special tourist buses at Xi’an South and West Bus Stations are avaiable from April 1 to October 7.
Take the special tourist bus from Xi’an South Bus Station. It leaves at 08:00-09:00 and returns at 16:00-17:00.
Take the special tourist bus from Xi’an West Bus Station. It departs at 07:30-08:30 and returns at 16:00.
Take the special tourist bus from Xi’an North Bus Station. It departs at 08:30 on Saturday and Sunday. The bus fare is CNY 35 for a single trip and CNY 60 for a round trip.
( For transportation to the above bus stations, you can refer to Xi’an Long Distance Bus)

How to get to Taiping National Forest Park from Xianyang

Take the special tourist bus from Xianyang South Bus Station. The bus departs at 08:00-09:00 and returns at 16:00-17:00.
(The bus is available from April 26 to October 7)

Best Time to Visit

Best season: this is a good place to avoid summer heat. Every year in April, the whole scenic area is covered with natural Bauhinia flowers, which are colorful and fragrant.

Main Attractions

Taiping National Forest Park has a wide range of heights, cliffs, peaks, valleys, waterfalls, rapids and dangerous beaches, forming a rich and wonderful natural landscape of mountains and rivers. Taiping Forest Park is abundant in natural resources. With nearly one hundred spots, it is mainly divided into five scenic areas: Qinling Ridge Scenic Area, Moon Palace Pond Scenic Area, Yellow Goat Dam Scenic Area, Stone Gate Scenic Area and Birch Woods Bay Scenic Area. Visitors can see the pure forests of larches and red birches, which are either stately or sturdy. 


Shimen Scenic area is located from the coal yard to Shaling about 3 km, the main scenic spots are stone scenery, landscape and water features as the theme. The main scenic spots are: tortoise Wang Feng, mother and son hope to return, Shimen, first line, Longji Ridge, General Feng, Yishan Buddha, banded mixed rock. the scenic spot is named for Ouyang Xun’s inscription “Stone Gate”, where the rocks are rugged, the mountain loops turn, and the boulders are in various shapes, thus forming a lifelike landscape.

Huangyang Dam

From Sha Ling to Rainbow Falls, the length of 4.7 km. Terrain has opened and closed, stone scene, cliff (rock) scenery, forest scenery has its own characteristics. Especially eight waterfalls eighteen pools in the north of our country alone.  there are 12 large and small waterfalls in Huangyangba Scenic area. The maximum drop of waterfall is 160 meters, and is concentrated within 2.5 kilometers.

Moon Palace

Moon Palace Lake Scenic Spot from the North turnout, south to the end of the turnout, an area of 1240 hectares, along the narrow and steep river, tortuous tortuous, deep pools in tandem, boulders, dense trees, peak fog, highlighting the valley, clear water and primitive forest ingenious combination of natural landscape.

Nearby Attractions

Useful Travel Tips

  1. Admission Fee:
    March 1 to November 30: CNY 60      December 1 to the end of next February: CNY 40
    * CNY 30 for children between 3.9 and 4.6 feet (1.2-1.4 meters).
    * Free for children under 3.9 feet.

  2. Cable Car: CNY 80 (round trip); CNY 50 (single trip)
  3. The scenic spot may have high-risk travel projects, you are advised to buy relevant insurance. Before you travel, it is recommended that you carefully read the contents related to travel safety.
  4. It is forbidden to bring: colorful flags, gongs, drums, treble horns, fireworks, firecrackers and other inflammable and explosive goods, harmful and toxic substances, controlled knives, guns and dangerous goods stipulated by law.
  5. It is forbidden to smoke or use naked flame in non-smoking places in the park.
  6. Facilities:
    Good quality hotels are available in the park and can be found in the areas of Changfeng Tourist Centre, Taikui Garden, Liushui Camp and the Reception Center of Taiping Forest Park. There are many places to eat, commonly referred to as Pleasure-in-Farmhouses, which offer local delicacies. Many visitors enjoy these facilities.