Suqian Luoma Lake Country Club

Suqian Luoma Lake Country Club(宿迁骆马湖乡村高尔夫俱乐部) is located in Suqian City (宿迁市), the hometown of Xiang Yu(项羽), King of Chu. The course is planned to be 36 holes, and 27 of which have been currently completed. The golf course covers an area of 2700 mu, which is adjacent to Luoma lake, one of the four major lakes in Jiangsu Province (江苏省). The course is hilly, with a total fairway length of 11,145 yards. Beautiful scenery can be found within the club, including 12 natural lakes, hundreds of sand bunkers, rolling hilly terrain and the special sky hole of tens of meter, which indulges one in the fun of swing being intoxicated by the beautiful environment around.

About Luoma Lake Scenic Area
Luoma Lake Scenic Area is in the northern part of the central city of Suqian, facing Luoma Lake in the west. The area has a variety of natural tourist areas, such as forests, lakes, hot springs, and cultural sites, including Qingdun Site, Subei War Site, and the Bodhi Temple. There are also equestrian clubs, a cartoon play valley kingdom, the Blue Wave Bay Commercial Street, Happiness Island and other tourist and supporting programs.

Locomo Lake is one of the four largest lakes in Jiangsu Province. Its area is so vast that it takes more than one hour to drive around. Combining with the lake itself as a natural water landscape, different tourist and recreational facilities such as playgrounds, beaches, forests and wooden houses have been built along the lake. Of course, there are more resort hotels (based on the lower consumption level in northern Jiangsu Province, which may also be one of the most cost-effective resorts in China). ) It was too late to go. I had hoped to take pictures of the sunset in the forest branches by the lake. Unfortunately, the time did not catch up. When I arrived at the lake, I could only see the sunset fading away gradually. In winter, there was a clear breeze on the lake. It was not too cold. The River fluctuated with the wind, beating against the bank, falling trees and lonely boats. It really gave people a kind of “dead rattan old tree, coma crow, a small bridge and a watery family. ” Feeling. There are also lots of hotel houses beside the river, but they seem to turn off the lights. I don’t know if they will be closed in winter. They are decorated with light lines of bridges in the waterway. They are outlined brightly at night, which is not poetic. If it comes to the peak season, it should also be a sea of laughter and laughter, but the lake Luoma in the bleak winter wind is also beautiful.

Chinese Name:江苏宿迁骆马湖乡村高尔夫俱乐部 (27洞)
Chinese Address:江苏省宿迁市湖滨新城彩塑路北1号