Nanjing Siji Tianlai Hotspring Rural Golf Club

Nanjing Siji Tianlai Hotspring Rural Golf Club(南京四季天籁温泉乡村) is located in Tangshan Tourism Area (汤山旅游区), Jiangning district (江宁区), Nanjing (南京), which is planned to be a 27-hole, lake and canyon type, members-only course. Covering an area of more than 4000 mu, the Course is divided into three different styles of A, B and C, which are 9-hole lake type, 9-hole canyon type and 9-hole crocodile island type(鳄鱼岛型). Famous British designer Bobby Martin is specially hired to do the design.

High quality golf water range of 30 hitting bays is owned by the club. Area B of the course, water range, Tangshan special hot spring, villas for holiday and special theme restaurant were opened to the public before October 1, 2009 and the club officially opened before October 1, 2010.

Nanjing Siji Tianlai Hotspring Rural Golf Club is about 20 kilometers away from Xinjiekou (新街口) in the center of Nanjing (南京), 36 kilometers away from Nanjing Lukou International Airport (南京禄口国际机场), 130 kilometers away from Wuxi (无锡), 160 kilometers away from Suzhou (苏州) and 220 kilometers away from Hangzhou (杭州). It is 240 kilometers away from Shanghai (上海), which takes 2 hours’ drive with convenient transportation and expressway throughout the trip, and it is only 1 kilometer away from Tangshan (汤山) Exit of Huning (沪宁) Expressway.

Chinese Name:南京四季天籁俱乐部 (27洞)
Chinese Address:江苏南京市江宁区汤山旅游区
English ADD: Tangshan Tourism Area, Jiangning District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu