Shuzhuang Garden in Xiamen

Why is Shuzhuang Garden So Special?

  1. The beautiful gardens and breathtaking views of the hills and sea make Shuzhuang Garden on Gulang Island, Xiamen, the perfect destination for enjoying the outdoors and appreciating the natural beauty of China. The garden is complete with hills, ocean views, fresh water pools, waterfalls, and a walkway beside the sea cliffs.
  2. The garden was built according to the natural landform in ingenious layout, which creates a charming view of “garden on the sea and the sea in the garden”.
  3. Nature-lovers will enjoy the beautiful views, children will love exploring the natural playground in the Twelve Caves Paradise, photographers will admire the endless photo opportunities, music lovers will be amazed at the extensive collection of instruments, and those looking for a slower pace will enjoy the serenity of the gardens.

Brief Introduction of Shuzhuang Garden

Shuzhuang Garden is located on the south side of Gulangyu Island, Fujian Province. Built in 1931, its original use was as the privet villa of Lin Erjia, a wealthy businessman from Taiwan, who built a replica of his father’s residence in Taipei. The place opened to the public in 1955 after it was donated to become a garden.

It is purposely built between sea and hills in a clever layout that takes advantage of the natural terrain, using gardening techniques such as “hiding elements”, “borrowing from the surroundings” and “combing movements” to achieve an illusion of infinite space and surprise the visitor in every step.

History of Shuzhuang Garden

Lin family was originally from Fujian Province, and later moved to Taiwan where they built a magnificent villa, named “Banqiao Villa”; it was the place that Lin Erhia spent his happy childhood. Since Taiwan was ceded to Japan in 1895, Lin’s father moved the family back to Gulangyu Island and was active in local industry and public welfare establishments. After his death in 1905, his son, Lin Erjia followed his footsteps and became a prestigious squire in the area.

To memorize Taiwan and his old house Banqiao Villa, Lin Erjia had famous designer and skilled workmen built a new villa in 1913 on the island, which was an imitation of Banqiao Villa but added in new elements of southern gardens. The name of the villa “Shuzhuang” comes from the name of the founder Lin Shuzang (another name of Lin Erjia). After the anti-Japanese war in 1945, Lin moved to Taiwan again and spent his final years in the old villa. And his villa in Gulangyu was just donated to the country by his relatives in 1955 after his death.

What to see in Shuzhuang Garden?

Shuzhuang Garden consists of two parts, the Hidden Sea Garden and the Bushan Garden, and each garden consists of five views.

In Hidden Sea Garden, there are Meishou Hall, Renqiu Pavilion, Zhenshuai Pavilion, Forty-four Bridge and Zhaoliang Pavillion, of which the Forty-four Bridge is the main scene in the garden which was built when the founder was forty-four, and it is also the best site to enjoy the seascape in the garden.

In Bushan Garden, there are Hard Stone House (the study room of the master), the courtyard Yi Ai Wu Lu (means I love my house), Twelve Holes, Tingchao Pavilion (a pavilion for listening to the tides) and Xiaolan Pavilion. The Twelve Holes are serial holes built according to the Chinese era; it is a playing place for children and often creates a dynamic scene compared to the peace of the surrounded pavilions and scenes.

Best Seasons to Visit Xiamen

Xiamen has a subtropical climate, which is generally temperate with abundant rainwater. It has an average annual temperature of approximately 21 centigrade. There is no intense heat in summer and no extreme cold in winter in Xiamen. The city has an average annual rainfall of about 1200mm (47 inches), mainly during the months from May to August. Wind power reaches Grade 3 to 4 in general, with northeast wind representing the dominant wind direction. Owing to the air currents resulting from the difference in temperature in the Pacific, Xiamen is hit by typhoon three or four times annually on average, which mainly occurs during the months from July to September. Xiamen is suitable for traveling all year round, and the best seasons are spring and autumn.

How to get to Shuzhuang Garden

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Transport from Xiamen City to Gulangyu Island

The ferry departs every 20–30 minutes and takes about 8 minutes.

Piers Departs Yuan
Xiagu–Neicuo’ao (厦鼓码头–内厝澳码头) Winter: 7:20–17:20 Summer: 7:20–18:20 50
Xiagu–Sanqiutian (厦鼓码头–三丘田码头) Winter: 7:10–17:30 Summer: 7:10–18:30 35
Songyu–Neicuo’ao (嵩屿码头–内厝澳码头) Winter: 7:30–17:50 Summer: 7:30–18:50  30
Lundu–Sanqiutian (night cruise) (轮渡码头–三丘田码头) Winter: 17:50–23:45 Summer: 18:50–23:45 35

Useful Travel Tips

  1. .Avoid visiting during school holidays and Golden Week in October as there will be large numbers of local tourists.
  2. While there are no vehicles or bicycles allowed on the island, a select few electric golf carts carry visitors in a circuit around the island’s coast line.

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