Cultural Events Held in Fujian to Celebrate 2019 ‘Sanyuesan Festival’

Colorful cultural performances drew out large crowds as various communities of the ethnic She people celebrated their traditional “Sanyuesan Festival” on Sunday with a host of activities across east China’s Fujian Province.

The Sanyuesan Festival, one of the most important traditional celebrations for several Chinese ethnic groups, takes place on the third day of the third month of the lunar year.

In Zhangpu County of Fujian Province, over 1,600 people from both sides of the Taiwan Strait attended one of the major celebrations, which aimed to bring ethnic groups closer while promoting the protection and inheritance of ethnic minority cultures.

Meanwhile, many tourists attended the third local tourism festival of the She culture in Guanzhuang Township, in Shanghang County of Longyan City.

In the cultural festival in Qingshui Township of Yong’an City, thousands of people not only enjoyed the wide range of folk performances, but were also able to taste some of the finest local food.

An exhibition and interactive activities also kept tourists entertained alongside the celebrations in Longjiao Township of Longhai City.

Villages in Luoyuan County and Guangze County, where the She ethnic minority group predominately live, also welcomed the Sanyuesan Festival with all kinds of folk activities held to bring the rural areas to life.

Source: CGTN                                                         Update: April 9, 2019