Windmill-themed Tourism Festival Kicks off in E China’s Zhouzhuang

Those looking for a refreshing getaway in spring should consider Zhouzhuang Water Town, one of the best-known water townships located in Suzhou, east China’s Jiangsu province.

Zhouzhuang is welcoming the 6th year of its windmill-themed tourism festival, where a series of events are scheduled to be held from April to June, enabling visitors to rediscover their childhood joy while being immersed in the enchanting water views.

Carton King Creativity Park

Visitors are able to get a windmill for free with the admission ticket, and also create windmills with their own hands at Carton King Creativity Park, where a fair featuring windmills in different styles, colors and sizes is currently underway.

In addition to windmill DIY, the genuine Taiwan dishes served in the park will tantalize many tastebuds, including Taiwan beef noodles and baked chicken with spices.

Qibang Village

Slumbering seven miles outside the center of Zhouzhuang, rustic Qibang Village is the perfect retreat for visitors looking to savor the pleasures of a sedate rural lifestyle. Visitors could make some seasonal cakes or dishes by themselves or enjoy the enchanting spring view there.

Nanhu Lake

At the Nanhu Lake, visitors can pose for photos in front of a wall made of windmills or engage themselves in a painting contest to sketch what Zhouzhuang is like on canvases.

Night Tour and Live-action Show

A night tour will enable visitors to get to know the different charm of Zhouzhuang. You can enjoy an audio-visual feast, as the latest season of the live-action show Zhouzhuang in Four Seasons is about to return to the stage in April.

The admission fee for the festival is 100 yuan (15 U.S. dollars), and if you book one day ahead, then you can save 20 yuan (3 U.S. dollars). 

Aside from the windmill-themed activities, you can always come here and experience its profound cultural background, the well-preserved ancient residential houses, the elegant watery views as well as the strong local traditions and customs. 

Among them, Twin Bridges, or Shuang Qiao in Chinese, and Fu’an Bridge are the two most popular attractions. 

Source: CGTN                                                            Update: April 10, 2019