Shipton’s Arch in Kashgar

Why is Shipton’s Arch So Special?

With a width of about 100 meters and more than 500 meters, it is an amazing paradise for tourists and explorers. It is made in heaven and earth and cannot be measured. Here is not only its grandeur and steepness, but also its depth, tranquility and mystery. On the right wall of Tianmen is a cave of stone, like a honeycomb, which echoes when children talk. The surface of the left wall looks like a strange mural. Shipton’s Arch is located at the junction of the Kunlun Mountain and the Snow Mountain, around 75 kilometers (47 miles) away from the Atushi city. It covers an area from 75°31′ 22″ to 75°31′ 47″ east longitude and from 39°39′ 29″ to 39°40′ 11″ northern latitude.

Where is Shipton’s Arch

Shipton’s Arch is located at the junction of the Kunlun Mountain and the Snow Mountain, around 75 kilometers (47 miles) away from the Atushi city. It covers an area from 75°31′ 22″ to 75°31′ 47″ east longitude and from 39°39′ 29″ to 39°40′ 11″ northern latitude.

History of Shipton’s Arch

According to historical records, in the summer of 1932, American journalist came here accompanied by the local Uighur guide. The British consulate in Kashgar, Eric Shipton was discovered Tianmen in 1947, so Tianmen also called Shipton’s Arch. Eric Shiption, a man born to risk, he had a marriage, but he soon found a life of ease was not consistent with his inherent spirit of adventure completely, constant exploration and the search for the unknown is the ultimate fun of life. Many chances of foreign dispatch gave him the opportunity to explore in different places. He participated in some mountain expedition in Africa, and he hit the position of 8527 meters of Mount Everest, the 7300 meters of Muztagh Ata peak. And he got the title of “uncrowned king” of Mount Everest, and it was said that he explored the first road to the summit of Mount Everest.
After Shipton, Tianmen has always been in “hidden place”, until 2000, the National Geographic of America sent groups to rediscover the highest arch for foreigners. Tianmen stayed forgotten for many years because its remote location, even the locals have no idea where it is. According to a article written by reporter whose home is in Artux, why Tianmen was known by more people, was in the spring of 2005, thanks to a scholar official came to Kizilsu Kergez prefecture due to foreign exchange. He found the historical data and found the information and the route of the arch, so he brought it to the view of public.
Nowadays, there are several companies operating out of Kashgar offer day trips or overnight stay for tourists to the Shipton’s Arch. The tour is about two to three hours’ driving from Kashgar, half of which is off-road. Ladders have been placed by locals to make the scramble to the base of the arch easier, and evidence of other travelers is visible at the site. And it is required to pay an entrance fee to locals who placed the ladders.

Main Attraction of Shipton’s Arch

The Stone arch stands on the Pamirs Plateau. It is shaped like “∩”. It is around 100 meters (328 ft) wide and 500 meters (1,640 ft) high. The huge stone arch stands on the plateau. Travelers can find it at a distance.

There are many stone caves at the right side of the stone arch. People can hear the echoes in front of the right side. The left sides of the stone arch looks like a wired paintings. People can hear all the echoes in the middle of the stone arch.

It is quite difficult to clime the stone arch. The rock weathering here is severe and the rock is brittle. Accidents occur a lot. It is a good place to enjoy the prompt drop. There are lots of rock jocks visiting the Stone Arch every year.

Recently, it has been identified by American Adventure Magazine as one of the world’s 20 most adventurous scenic spots.

Best Time to Travel Shipton’s Arch

The best time to pay a visit is in late spring and late summer.

Kashgar region is located in the central Asian abdomen, restricted by geographical environment, and belongs to the continental arid climate zone of warm temperate zone. The territory has four distinct seasons, long illumination, large annual and daily temperature changes, little precipitation and vigorous evaporation. Summer is hot, but the period of hot summer is short. Winter is not cold, but the low temperature period is long, so it is suitable to travel in late spring and late summer.

How to Get There

  • Self driving
    The scenic spot is located in the southern vein of the Western Heaven Mountain in Upper Atush Township, atushi. It is not convenient for traffic. It is recommended to drive there and be accompanied by a guide familiar with the route.

Useful Travel Tips

  • Many of Xinjiang’s restaurants are halal, so friends who drink or smoke should pay attention in advance and ask the merchants in advance.
  • All kinds of dried fruits can be properly purchased, and many businesses are equipped with express delivery service to ship directly to

  • Tourists arriving in Xinjiang are eager to buy souvenirs and suggest buying souvenirs in the few days when the tour is coming to an end.

  • If you just go shopping in Xinjiang, large and small items will cause a lot of trouble for the journey in the next few days.

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