Shek O, Hong Kong

Why is Shek O so Special?

As well as a beach, Shek O includes the Shek O Country Park and Cape D’Aguilar. If you want to experience a slow pace of life, this place is your best choice. You can relax, relieve pressure, and find your inner peace as well as tranquility there. In addition, the spot has been the backdrop of many Cantonese music videos and love stories in literary works.

Where is Shek O?

A hit with local windsurfers, Big Wave Bay Beach is located at the scenic eastern end of Hong Kong Island, close to the Dragon’s Back hiking trail.

It’s also home to a prehistoric rock carving that is now preserved as a Declared Monument. Remaining undiscovered until a police officer stumbled upon it in 1970, the rock carving shows geometric designs and animals, and is one of many similar carvings found around coastal areas of Hong Kong.

Shek O Village

Shek O Village (石澳村) has a history of some 200 years. It was established by fishermen of the Chan, Yip, Li and Lau clans and was once famous for its lobster. The majority of the population previously lived on the land presently occupied by the Shek O country Club, from where it was forcibly removed. In 1841, Shek O Village as a whole, together with Hok Tsui Village (鶴咀村) and Tai Long Wan Village (大浪灣村), had a population of around 200. The Tin Hau Temple in Shek O Village was built in 1891. It is a Grade III historic building and its management has been delegated by the Chinese Temples Committee to the Shek O Residents Association

Night Market of The Shek O

The Beach in Shek O

The first place you need to go there is the beach. It is far away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, and the neighborhoods still maintain a natural style. The blue sky, clear turquoise sea water, fine sand and tranquil environment make it not only the beach-lovers’ paradise but also the rendezvous of surfing enthusiasts. In addition, the coastal mountain cliffs with their huge stones attract a large number of rock climbers. Near the beach, there are convenience stores, which sell swimming supplies, making one’s travelling very convenient. One thing to remember is to be careful when playing on the beach or surfing; especially in the summer months, as typhoons are common.

Country Park

The Country Park was founded in 1979, and it covers an area of about 701 hectares (1,730 acres). It is a large recreational park which stretches over several hills. There are many barbecue and picnic areas, where one can enjoy leisure time. Excursion and hiking are accessible in the park too. And deep in the park, the tranquility of nature is good for finding one’s peace of mind.

Cape D’Aguilar

Cape D’Aguilar is located at the south end of D’Aguilar Peninsula in Shek O. It is famous for the Cape D’Aguilar Lighthouse and the Cape D’Aguilar Marine Reserve. The lighthouse was the first lighthouse in the city, and was listed in the Declared Monuments in Hong Kong in March of 2006. In the marine reserve, there are many kinds of fish, corals, marine invertebrates and rocks. As part of the road leading there belongs to the forbidden zone, the public are not allowed to go. But hikers can still reach the reserve by making a detour from the mountain path.

Dragon’s Back

When coming to the Country Park, Dragon’s Back is must-see. Dragon’s Back refers to a section of mountain path between the Shek O Peak and the Yunzhen Mountain. It stretches over D’Aguilar Peninsula, literally meaning the back of the dragon, telling the ups and downs of the mountain path. In 2004, it was selected as ‘One of the top urban hiking spots of Asia’-by Time (Asia).

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How to Get to Shek O

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Independent Traveler

You can get to Shek O by bus, minibus, or taxi.

  • Hop on to the Island Line to Shau Kei Wan MTR Station.
  • At Shau Kei Wan, take exit A3 to the bus terminal, and catch Bus No. 9 to Shek O. Get a window seat on the right side of the bus for the best views!
  • Or take the Red Minibus from near exit A2 which costs a few dollars more, but is much faster.
    You can also take a taxi from Shau Kei Wan MTR.
  • In case you decide to take a car, you should know that parking is limited and regulated at Shek O and Big Wave Bay.

Useful Travel Tips 

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  2. Taxi is one of the most popular ways to and from the Hong Kong International Airport. It is fast, comfortable and offers point-to-point travel. The taxi rank is located outside the Arrival Hall on the left side. Follow the direction signs. The estimated fare is HK$220-230 plus HK$5 for each piece of luggage stored inside the baggage compartment, and each piece of luggage with total dimensions (length + width + height) exceeding 140cm stored inside the cabin. The journey time is about 30-40 minutes. The fare and time depend on traffic conditions. Hong Kong taxi drivers know all the major hotels, but it is a good idea to note the address of your hotel or destination point on a piece of paper.
  3. Also, visitors to Hong Kong may take the Airport Express train. The journey to Kowloon station costs HK$90 and takes 21 minutes. The trains run every 10 minutes from 5:50am to 1:15am daily. There are discounts up to 40% for those who travel in a group or family. HK$140 for a group of 2, HK$190 for a group of 3 and HK$220 for a group of 4. Then take a taxi or Free Airport Express Shuttle Bus to your hotel or destination point.

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