Qinghai Tianyoude International Golf Club

Qinghai Tianyoude International Golf Club(青海天佑德国际⾼尔夫球会) is located in the northeast of Xining(西宁) City, the capital of Qinghai(青海) Province. It is the
first 18-hole golf course of international championship level in Qinghai Province that can host the highest international (TOUR) tournament.

The course is planted with rare and precious trees on a large scale, and the fairways is surrounded by Shatang River. The course takes advantages of the topography of the Tibetan Plateau and the Loess Plateau, designed according to the ups and downs of the terrain with characteristic of unique and challenging. Both the golf tee and the fairways of the stadium are all made of dearness agrostis matsumurae hack greens, while the golf rough is coved with high-quality poa pratensis. The design of the bunkers is fluctuated with the rise and fall of the terrain. The green area is large and covered with many dark lines, which can provide great challenges for golfers. The course is built along the local river. The Shatangchuan River divides the entire course into two by the midline of the course. This is a stunning golf course with the combination of beauty scenery and the well-functional stadium.

Chinese Name:青海天佑德国际高尔夫俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese Address:青海省西宁市东北互助土族自治县威远镇彩虹路
Translated by Yuan Jinghan/袁静晗