Qianye Grassland in Shizhu County, Chongqing

Qianye Grassland in Shizhu County

Located along the Yankou-Wawu Mountain, Qianye Meadow Scene Area in Shizhu County is vast and flat, with an average elevation of 1,300 meters, covering an area of 6,600 hectares. Endless grassland is filled up with countless firethorn and clints can be seen everywhere. The wide forest is decorated by warble and fleur, and accompanied by cattle and sheep.

When is The Best Time to Visit Qianye Grassland

With an average elevation of 1,300 meters, wide and flat Qianye Meadow is rich in air anion content, lowing the average temperature in summer down to 21 °C. So choose Qianye Meadow as a place to cool off is definitely a good choice in summer. Summer is the most beautiful season in grasslands during a year because the air is good, vegetation coverage is high, and most importantly, the air is cool. There are some unknown grasslands hidden in deep mountains in Chongqing, while the beautiful scenery is enough to shock the soul.

Introduction of Qianye Grassland

Chongqing is known as the “Mountain City”, with high mountains and hills all over the city, but on a mountain in Shizhu County, Chongqing, there is a piece of flat grassland, which is a “miracle” endowed by nature. At an average elevation of 1,300 meters, Qianye Grassland is broad and flat, covering an area of 6,600 hectares, and is known as the most beautiful grassland in Chongqing. 

Main scenic spots

  • Firethorn Avenue
  • River View Corridor
  • Stone Landscape Great Wall
  • Forest Sky Well
  • Clints and Stalagmites.

What can you do 

  1. Entering there, you can smell the scent of vegetations. Also, you can choose to cap there in the evening, which gives you a magnificent natural view and the fresh air to breathe. Also, you can taste the local food there.
  2. The cattle and sheep are grazing leisurely, you lean over – gently touch or feed them, then watch them running everywhere.
  3. Driving or walking on foot with morning mist. On the way of Landscape Avenue, you can overlook the rolling mountains, feel the touch of breeze and slowly wait for the mist flow.
  4. Gather several friends, capturing wonderful views by camera or just chatting, hanging a hammock and relaxing under the trees. Cooldown your summer within the arms of nature.

How to Get There

Take bullet train in Chongqing North Railway Station to Shizhu Railway Station, and then take a bus in Shizhu Bus
Station to Yuchi County, where is only about 3 km from the Grassland.

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Edited by  Lynette Fu/付云锐