The Goddess (Shennv) Stream of Yangtze River in Chongqing

Goddess Stream of Yangtze River

Situated at the south bank of Yangtze River, Goddess Stream or Goddess Creek, with its source among Guandu Strict of Wushan County in Chongqing City. The upstream is Guandu River, middle is Ziyang River and the downstream is Goddess Stream. The whole river is in length of 31.9 kilometers and 20 kilometers far away Wushan County. Goddess stream is hidden in deep valley, therefore the primitive landscape is fortunately well reserved and represented its spectacle to tourists after construction of the Three Gorges Project.

Main Attractions of Goddess Stream

The mountain scenery in the scenic area of Shennv Stream is Including Cuiping Peak, Feifeng Peak, Qiyun Peak, Shangsheng Peak, Jingtan Peak, Sleeping Beauty Peak and Palm Peak are scattered at the two banks of the stream. However, among them, Shangsheng, Qiyun and Jintan Peaks are hidden at the back of the mountains.

Fei Feng Peak(飞凤峰)

Feifeng is situated on the west bank of Shennv Stream, with a total height of about 740m. The peak looks like a fly phoenix drinking water upon Goddess stream; so called the peak in Feifeng peak by locals.

Shennv Stream middle stream, the medial south is rising peaks, northwest is Qiyun peak. A dense forest surrounded by the clouds, the river is twisting. The scenery here has a characteris of “a sudden glimpse of another way in the mist of mountains”, and it is a wonderful gorge among so many gorges, greatness of scene.

How to get to Goddess Stream

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Independent Traveler

  • Waterway: from Chongqing, Yichang, Wanxian there are passenger ships to Wushan, ticket costs from 60 yuan to 100 yuan.
  • Highway: Taking long distance cars from Chongqing, high speed in all the way, can arrive at there about 5 hours later.
  • Trains: Go to Jianshi county of hubei province to take train first, then to transfer to Wushan shuttle bus from Jianshi county.

Useful Travel Tips

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Shennv Stream is spring and autumn, for the weather during this time is the most beautiful and cozy of the year. Spring is the best time to see flowery mountains in Shennv Stream, while late autumn to early winter has the stunning red leaves all over the mountains.

When visiting Shennv Stream, if the weather is nice, such as no fog or mists, and sunny, you may see the suspended coffin hanging on the cliff.


The cruise boat in Shennv Stream will sail to a platform, where tourists can watch some local performances and purchase some specialties, then sail back to Wusha Pier.

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