Nanshan Mountain Scenic Spots in Urumqi

Why is Nanshan Mountain Scenic Spots So Special?

Generally speaking, the vast mountain areas in southern Urumqi are not only excellent natural pastures, but also summer resorts. The mountain peaks in the scenic spot are covered with snow, the undulating mountains are covered with green plants, and the trickling spring water drifts down from them. The scenery is very charming. Every year from April to May, azalea and azalea are everywhere in the scenic spot. At this time, the temperature is relatively low, so we should pay attention to keep warm.

Where is Nanshan Mountain Scenic Spots

Nanshan Scenic Area is located in urumqi county, south of Urumqi. It is located in the extreme drought area in the heart of Asia and Europe. It is mainly characterized by ice and snow landscape, lush forests and grass, strange rocks, superior tourism climate, pastoral scenery in Gao Shanlin and rich ethnic customs.

History of Nanshan Mountain Scenic Spots

Nanshan was a famous hunting area in the Tang Dynasty and a famous pasture in the Qing Dynasty. As for summer tours, they started as early as the Qing Dynasty. Although it was not vigorously developed in the early days of liberation, the beautiful scenery often attracted tourists.
In 1989, Nanshan scenic spot was officially approved by the autonomous region government as a scenic spot at the autonomous region level. Local farmers and herdsmen have begun to become economically conscious, tying up one or two yurts outside their houses or felt houses. In addition to providing accommodation for tourists, they can also help tourists process the food they bring or rent cooking tools to tourists. In the early 1990s, some enterprises and businesses in Urumqi and other places saw the potential of tourism development in Nanshan and began to invest in the construction of sanatoriums and resorts near Nanshan. By the end of the 1990s, tourist resorts, large and small, were springing up all over Nanshan. High-standard and high-level resorts are also beginning to emerge.

Main Attraction of Nanshan Mountain Scenic Spots

In the deep of the mountains about 60 kilometers to the south of Urumqi, there are tens deep and remote valleys of big and small. Among them, the Baiyangou Valley, Shuixigou Valley, Gangou valley and Que-er-gou Valley are the most famous ones, and they constitute the scenic spots of great charming in the Nanshan Mountain. Going up against the valleys, one can see steep cliffs, waterfalls, and the valleys are densely covered with woods, grass and flowers. On the emerald green meadow, the Kazak herdsmen are holding recreational and sports activities, such as horse racing, lamb tussling and girl chasing. If you like, you can visit a Kazak yurt and enjoy kumiss, cheese stewed mutton, shish kebab and other foods of folk flavors.

Alfalfa Terrace

Alfalfa Terrace Scenic Spot is located in Tuoli Township in the southern suburb, 55 kilometers away from Urumqi City. With an altitude of 2020 meters and an area of 3 square kilometers, it is a mountain top grassland platform tourist area. The scenic spot is surrounded by mountains on three sides, holding the lush meadow in your arms. The green grass and wild flowers in the scenic spot are luxuriant, as if a huge brocade is laid gently between the mountains. From spring to autumn, the scenic spot is full of more than ten kinds of wild flowers, yellow, purple, light blue, red, white, colorful and beautiful.

West Baiyanggou Scenic Area

West Baiyanggou Scenic Area is located at the northern foot of Tiangele Peak in the southern suburb of Urumqi, 58 kilometers away from the urban area, with an area of 612.52 hectares. It is a famous tourist summer resort in Nanshan Scenic Area, named for its dense ravines and poplars. In the scenic spot, the pine forest is linked to the peak and the ridge is continued, the strange peak is abrupt and towering, the gurgling stream passes through the jagged rocks, the villas are hidden in the green forest, and the felt houses are scattered on the open lawn, which makes the wild interest threatening. At present, the resort villas, hotels, yurts, yurts and other reception facilities in the scenic area are complete and of excellent service. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come here every year for summer vacation and sightseeing.

East Baiyang Valley

East Baiyang Valley scenic spot is located in banfanggou township in the southern suburb, 56 kilometers away from Urumqi, covering an area of 334.4 hectares. the peaks in the scenic spot face each other, with towering old trees, dense forests and luxuriant herbs. a clear and sweet mountain stream comes along with a light singing. Up the river, the wind blows, and the pine waves surge in the endless forest, which is spectacular.

Chrysanthemums Terrace

Chrysanthemums Terrace Scenic Spot is located in Gangou Township in the southern suburb, more than 50 kilometers away from Urumqi City, with an altitude of 2000-2400 meters and an area of about 500 hectares. It is an alluvial fan table with a gentle slope. The stream at the bottom of the ditch winds, with dense pines in the north and lush green grass in the south.

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Best Time to Travel Nanshan Mountain Scenic Spots

The best time to come to Urumqi is every autumn, that is, August and September.

At this time, the weather has begun to become cool and melons and fruits have begun to mature. It is a very suitable time to travel. At this time, most scenic spots begin to hang attractive golden colors. Let’s tour in the golden ocean. The natural scenery in various parts of Urumqi is very beautiful. In our spare time, we bring our family to Urumqi to play, eat delicious melons and fruits, and enjoy the different local conditions and customs here. I believe this is a very beautiful moment and a very happy memory.

How to Get There

  • Self driving
    When the new 216 National Highway is completed and opened to traffic, it will take only 40 minutes to drive from downtown to nanshan pasture.
  • Bus
    There is a shuttle bus to the scenic spot at the southern suburb of yanerwao road, which runs from 9: 00 to 19: 00 every hour.

Useful Travel Tips

  • Ordinary ticket: 30 RMB (January 1-December 31, Monday-Sunday)
  • Tianshan Grand Canyon has 4 departure points in the urban area. The nearest registration point to the Wuqia Fair site is located at the entrance of the friendly shopping mall. The one-day tour price is around 90 yuan, including round-trip fares, scenic spot tickets and a lunch, excluding interval fares.
  • There is an additional charge for horse riding, yurts and catering in the scenic area.

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