Urumqi Dining

As a place that gathers various nationalities and culture here, Urumqi is blessed with special and delicious food and cuisine. Here we offer you some choices for your eating.

What to Eat in Urumqi

  • Nang (馕): As one of the staple foods of the local, naan is a kind of cake taking wheat as ingredients and adding with other food like eggs, milk, onions, etc.
  • Hand Grasping Rice (手抓饭): It is one of the favor foods of Uyghur and Uzbek people and has a long history. The main ingredients of it are rice, lamb chop, carrots, and onions. It has lots of categories as well.
  • Latiaozi (拉条子): It is a kind of round noodles that requires a lot of skills while making. The salt is used while making.
  • Xinjiang Big Plate Chicken (新疆大盘鸡): The dish got its name because of big plate using. There are 2 kind of big plate chicken: Shawan Big Plate Chicken and Chaiwobao Big Plate Chicken. The former has thick juice and is eaten with staple food, and the later one is fried and then stir-fried with pod pepper. It belongs to Moslem snacks.
  • Shish Kebab (烤羊肉串): Shish kebab is known nationwide. It is a popular choice for barbecue. The most authentic shish kebab can be eaten in Xinjiang.
  • Roast Steamed Buns (烤包子): It is loved by Uyghur people. The buns are roasted in the tools that make naans. The stuff inside usually is mutton cub, onions and other seasonings.
  • Meatball Soup (丸子汤): The meatballs are made of beef and deep fried first and then they are put into cooked in ox bone soup. It is a special local soup.

Where to Eat in Urumqi

Kaidiruizhuafan Restraunt (开帝锐抓饭) – Hetian Street
It is located on No.33 Htian Street. The restaurant offers different local dishes, especially its hand grasping rice. There are various kinds of hand grasping rice.

Shenpaixiyulaohyuimin Restraunt (沈派西域老回民)
It is situated on No.225 Youhao North Road. You could eat noodles and cakes with local flavor. The restaurant gets good comments for its regular customers.

Luhuaji Themed Canteen (芦花鸡主题餐厅)
It located on No.188 Hongshan Road. The canteen gets lovely eating environment and offers special food as well. Also, the price here is decent.

Mulei Farm-featured Barbecue (木垒农家特色烧烤)
Located on No.104 Wenquan East Road, Tiansahn District, the restaurant is famous in Urumqi. It offer all kinds of barbecue, hot pot and local special dishes.

Xiaogazi Restaurant (小尕子)---Yuanming (明园店)
Located at the intersection of Yuanming West Road and Youhao South Road, Xiaogazi Restaurant is a chain restaurant in local. It welcomes lots of customs and offers various dishes.

Dalongyi Hot Pot (大龙燚火锅) – Tianjing Road (天津路店)
It lies on No.302 Yihao Street, Tianjin Road. The restaurant offers authentic Sichuan hot pot. If you like hot pot, it is a good place to go.