Urumqi Shopping

The business centers of Urumqi are mainly located at the crossing areas of Jiefang Road, Minzhu Road and Zhongshan Road, where gathers all kinds of large and small stores here. Erdaoqiao areas are places with ethnic characteristic for they are residential areas of the Uighur residents and the famous grand bazaar of Xinjiang. Generally, visitors to Urumqi would have a tour there to feel the ethnic culture, taste local snacks and buy some local speciality like of Yengisar knife, carpet of Khotan, perfume satchel of Xibe people, minority musical instruments and costume, jade carving products, wood carvings, etc. Besides, fruits there are quiet popular and famous, and you could buy grapes of Turpan, Hami melon of Kumul, the Korla fragrant pear, pomegranate of Yecheng, apple of Ili, fig of Atushi, almonds of Kashgar, etc. Here is some further information for your souvenir hunting in Urumqi.

What to Buy

Yengisar Knife

Yengisar knife is produced in Yingjisha County so it got its name. The knife has 12 types of shape and more than 30 colors. It enjoys a long history and unique ethic features.

Local Multicolor Hat

This kind of hat is worn by Uyghur people, with the characteristic of many colors. It shows the culture of Uyghur nationality. When you wander on the street, you could also see local people wearing it.


High-quality Xinjiang raisin is made of seedless white grapes from Turpan. The way of using natural air drying brings pure color and unique flavor. It is a rare natural health food.

Rewap (热瓦普)

It is a kind of stringed instrument that is usually used by Uyghur and the Ozbek nationality. It is made from wood, sheepskin, donkey skin and other materials. It is a good choice for music lovers.

Jade Carving Products

Xinjiang is famous for Hotan white jade, jasper of Mnasi (玛纳斯) and topaz of Hami. So the jade carrying products like vases, animals, plants and people are popular for tourists. The jade products there have been exported to many countries and areas.


As a key city of the Silk Road, silk is indispensable here. There are silks with all kinds of styles and colors. Also, it is easy to take back with you.

Naan (馕)

Naan in Xinjiang has a long history, and it is a main staple food there. It has golden yellow skin. In the ancient time, it is called "Hu Bing" (胡饼) or “Lubing”. Its main principal raw material is flour. Naan has round shape. The biggest one is called “Aimanke”, with 40 to 50-centimeter diameter. An “Aimanke” usually needs 1-2 kg of flour, known as the king of naan.The smallest ones often have the size as a general cup mouth, named as “Tuokaxi”, with 1-centimeter thickness. There are also other sizes of naan. Different categories have their own decorative design.

Where to Buy

Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar

It is located on No.8 Jiefang South Road, Tianshan District. The tour tower of the Silk Road opens from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and the business time of the shops there is from 9:30 a.m. to 10 a.m... It is the symbol of Xinjiang’s prosperous business and tourism, and a landscape architecture of the ethnic groups in Urumqi. The architecture there shows the styles of Islam and expresses strong culture of China's western regions. It is a must – to – go market that provides all kinds of things.

Tianshan Department Store

It is located on No. 16 Heping North Road, Tianshan District. It is said that the department store ranks top 1 in the hearts of Urumqi people. It provides products with various kinds and prices.

Minjie Street

Located on the middle part of Longquan Street, it is the street with largest scale, strongest ethnic styles and culture. Specialties and food from 15 preference cities of Xinjiang are gathered here, which makes it the best place for visitors to shop and experience folk customs.

Erdaoqiao Market

The market could be the mark and symbol of Urumqi. It is thought as the epitome of Central Asia that is almost visited by every tourist who travels there. It is a famous bazaar where Uyghur residents live in. It is a wonderful place for souvenir shopping.

Qiyijiangyuan Comprehensive Shopping Center (七一酱园综合购物中心)

It is one of the major local shopping centers which provide all sorts of things like fresh fruit, vegetables, daily necessities, clothing, delicatessen, etc.