Nanli Lake Inernational Golf Club

Nanli Lake Inernational Golf Club(南丽湖高尔夫球会) is located around Nali Lake in Ding’an County of Hainan. The Nanli Lake is a famous scenic site in Haikou City, Hainan Province, located in Ding’an County, about 40 kilometers (24.85 miles) far away from Haikou. It covers 46 square kilometers (11,367 acres) and the area of the lake is 12.3 square kilometers (3,039 acres). Here the average water temperature is around 22°C (71.6°F ) and the climate is quite good for the body.

It is a large man-made lake. In 1958, the people of Ding’an built the Nanfu Reservoir here. As a result, the water gathered in the valley became today’s Nanli Lake and the mountains became the islands in the lake. When mentioning islands, maybe you are not unfamiliar with them. However, the islands in Nanli Lake are so unique. There are 13 islands and five peninsulas in all. The shapes of the islands are varied, such as the square, oblong and round ones. Among them, the largest one covers 39,600 square meters (9.79 acres), while the smallest is 3,200 square meters (0.79 acres). Furthermore, lush tress and beautiful wide flowers grow on the islands; wild rabbits jump in the bush and birds show the beauty of their voice. Boating on the lake, you might think you are wandering ‘One-thousand-island Country’. And emerald water mingles with the hills to seem like a bright painting, while the islands are the green pearls dotting in this picture.

Additionally, as a scenic site, Nanli Lake provides splendid service of accommodation, catering and entertainment and the facilities are ample, including sumptuous hotels, restaurants, villas, the golf course and some facilities of entertainment above water. Thus, going on a holiday there will not disappoint you.

How to get to Nanli Lake

Take a bus from Haikou East Bus Station to Ding’an County and then take a taxi to the lake.

Chinese Name:海南省南丽湖高尔夫球会 (27洞)
Chinese Address:海南省定安县南丽湖开发区