Hainan Climate

The climate and weather in Hainan is good for taking a holiday. Hainan province is located in the northern edge of the tropics, with long summer and without winter, humid all year round, belonging to a mixed climate of tropical ocean and tropical monsoon.

Features of Hainan Climate

Hainan island is located in the northern edge of tropics and enjoys a tropical monsoon climate. It has long been the reputation of "natural big greenhouse". Hainan has long summer and without winter, with an annual average temperature of 22-27℃ and accumulated temperature of 8200℃ (greater than or equal to 10℃). Even in the coldest January, the temperature is still up to 17-24℃. Hainan has sufficient sunshine and high photosynthetic potential, with annual sunshine duration of 1750-2650 hours and illumination rate of 50%-60%. The spring of Hainan island comes early and heats up quickly, with large daily temperature difference. It is frost-free all year round and warm in winter, and rice can be harvested for three times per year.It is an ideal breeding base in south China.

Hainan province has abundant rainfall, with annual precipitation ranging from 1000 mm to 2600 mm and annual average precipitation of 1639 mm. It has obvious rainy seasons and less rainy seasons. Every year from May to October is the rainy season, the total precipitation of about 1500 mm, accounting for 70 ~ 90% of annual total precipitation. The rain sources mainly include the frontal rain, heat thunderstorm and the typhoon rain. Every November to April of the next year is the dry season, only accounting for 10-30% of the annual precipitation, so drought often occurs in the dry season.

Tips for Hainan Weather

Best Time to Visit

Hainan's east coast enjoys a mixed climate of tropical ocean and tropical monsoon. The best time to travel Hainan is from November to March of the following year, when it is cold and windy elsewhere, but Hainan is still in a sunny, leafy summer landscape. 

What to Pack

1. Hainan's summer is hotter, with abundant rainfall. So you can wear shorts and T-shirts.  At the same time, remember to bring rain gear.

2. When traveling in Hainan, you are supposed to wear tourist shoes, not leather shoes. Remember to bring sunscreen products, among which sunglasses, parasol and sun cream are necessities.

3. The west coast of Hainan is affected by the ocean cold current, and the temperature is lower than the east coast. Although Hainan is very warm, you still need to bring a sweater when you come here in winter.

Peak Seasons

Try to avoid the Chinese peak holidays when planning your Guiayng tour. Popular with Chinese travelers, scenic spots in Guiyang become much more crowded during peak holidays. The most crowded holidays are Spring Festival(usually in late Jan. or early Feb.), International Labor Day(May 1-3) and National Day(Golden week, Oct. 1-7).

Qianguqing Grand Theater in Sanya

Qianguqing Grand Theater in Sanya

Qianguqing Grand Theater in Sanya...

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Best time to visit Hainan

Best time to visit Hainan

When are the best times to visit Hainan in spring, summer or autumn or winter? The best seasons to visit Hainan are spring and summer, when the weather is...

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