Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone in Sanya

Why is Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone So Special?

Nansan is located 40 kilometers (24 miles) southwest of Sanya City in Hainan Province. Countless tourists flock to this area attracted by the beautiful scenery of Nanshan, making it a major eco-tourism area. Tourists are also attracted by this area because Buddhism has a profound influence on the surrounding culture. There are three theme parks in this area: Buddhist Culture Park, Fushou Park and Hainan Folk Culture Park.

Where is Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone

Located 40 kilometers southwest of Sanya City in Hainan Province, nansan is the southernmost mountain in China. It has a tropical marine monsoon climate. Its air quality and sea water quality rank first in the country with a forest coverage rate of 97%.

Layout of Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone

Buddhist Culture Park

The development of Buddhist Culture Park is to depict Buddhist culture and help people understand its profound philosophical thoughts. Highlights include the Nanshan Temple (Nanshan Temple), the statue of Guanyin Bodhisattva in the South China Sea, the China Buddhist Culture Research Institute and Guanyin Park. Tourists were awed by the huge 108-meter (353-foot) high statue of Guanyin by the sea. The second Guanyin statue is located nearby and is 3.8 meters (12.5 feet) high. It consists of gold, diamonds, jade and other precious stones. It is said that its craftsman used more than 100 kilograms of gold to make the statue.

Blessing and Longevity Park

Blessing and Longevity Park embodies the essence of Chinese culture, conveying an atmosphere of peace and fortune.

Hainan Folk Culture Park

Hainan Folk Culture Park is full of Hainan characteristics. It displays tropical scenery and customs of Li and Miao ethnic groups in picturesque locations (beside the south mountain).

Things to Do in Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone

In Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone , you can enjoy this beautiful place and taste the famous vegetarian dishes there. Chefs use wild mushrooms and other vegetables when preparing delicious and nutritious dishes.

After dinner, you must attend classical music concerts and kung fu performances. The concert band consists of 14 young Chinese girls. They use traditional musical instruments such as erhu, guzheng, pipa and flute to create beautiful Chinese music. Chinese kungfu performance is also very wonderful. One cannot fully appreciate the skills and techniques of Chinese kung fu unless one has witnessed live performances like this.

If you want to increase your understanding and appreciation of Buddhism or experience the life of Li and Miao people, it is necessary to go to Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone.

Best Time to Visit

The weather in Sanya is like summer all year round, which is very good for tourists who don’t like cold winter at all. The best time to visit Sanya is from October to March of the following year. The sunshine is bright and the rainfall is less, avoiding the hottest time in summer and rainy season. In summer, the weather will be very hot and the ultraviolet rays will be very strong, and because it is summer vacation, more students and families will come to visit, so it will be very crowded. By the way, October to March is also the peak season. Hotel and flight prices will be higher. You’d better book your tickets in advance.

  • Annual Temperature: 25.7 ℃
  • Rainy Season: June to October
  • Hottest Time: July and August
  • Crowded Season: Late Jan. or early Feb. (Chinese Spring Festival);

                                           first week of May (Labor Day);

                                           first week of October (National Day)

Notice: Better to avoid these periods since the price for hotel and transportation may be higher and it’s crowded everywhere.

How to Get There

Take bus 16, 55, or 57 to Nanshan station; or bus 25 to Nanshansi (Nanshan Temple) station.

Useful Travel Tips

Entrance Fee October – April: CNY 129
May – September: CNY 108
Half price for children between 1.2 – 1.4m (3.9 – 4.6ft);
Free for children under 1.2m.
Tourist Bus CNY 30;
CNY 15 for children between 1.2 – 1.4m;
Free for children under 1.2m.
Opening Hours 08:00 – 17:30
Recommended Time for a Visit 1 day
  • when eating seafood, drink some white wine and rice vinegar, but eating seafood is not suitable for drinking beer.
  • Seafood is rich in high protein. People who are prone to protein allergy should not eat too much
  • Pineapple and carambola cannot be eaten on an empty stomach. Especially people with diabetes can’t eat carambola
  • There are many peddlers in Tianya and Haijiao. If you have no intention of buying, you’d better firmly refuse at the beginning.

Nearby Attractions

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