Mount Balangshan in Aba, Sichuan

Why is Mount Balangshan So Special?

The mountains above 4000 meters above sea level in the scenic spot are cold and weathered mountains. The mountains are steep, rugged, bare and dangerous. Debris slopes and heaps formed by falling rock debris can be seen everywhere. The road winding between them is the most dangerous road to the east of Aba Prefecture.

Where is Mount Balangshan

Balang Mountain is located at the junction of Xiaojin County East, Xiaojin County, Wenchuan County and Baoxing County, more than 200 kilometers away from Chengdu. Mount Balang is 5,040 meters above sea level and is called Balanla in Tibetan.

Main Attraction of Mount Balangshan

The upper and lower mountain roads and yakou areas of mt. Balang are more than 4000 meters above sea level and have steep slopes. however, the scenery is extremely beautiful. white clouds are like the sea, snow-capped mountains are continuous, and meadows are undulating. the “infinite scenery is on the perilous peak” that climbs over mt. Balang. the peak turns around, and it is dark from morning till night, with a long haze. “The autumn wind immediately reached the top of the mountain, with thousands of cliffs and ravines full of beauty. “I’m covered in clouds and clouds, and I’m in the blue sky and purple air.” Climbing over mt. Balang, the peak turns round, and the misty clouds are dimly discernible. Looking at the top of the mountain, the white clouds are covered with long canyons, surging forward like a wind, surging forward, magnificent and spectacular. The valley is also densely covered with virgin forests, and wonderful usnea hung in the woods.

Lift up your eyes and look out into the distance. Qifeng rises, overlapping peaks and craggy cliffs. Along the way, the alpine meadow has beautiful scenery, like huge carpets covering the mountains, and herds of cattle and sheep are at ease. Between the blue sky and the white clouds, the vast sea of clouds floats on the mountainside, dividing the mighty mountain into two parts, the alpine meadow with colorful wild flowers above and the mysterious and deep primeval forest below. What a beautiful sight!

How to Visit Mount Balangshan

Self-driving is a good way to travel here.

The pass passed by the highway is 4,523 meters above sea level, which is one of the most famous passes in China. Driving through this place, you can enjoy the peak-to-peak turn of the highway between the mountain ridges on the plateau, and feel the danger of driving by yourself.

Best Time to Travel Mount Balangshan

The best travel time is summer and autumn .

Walking in summer and autumn is the best time and way to enjoy Mount Balang. It takes 4 hours to reach it from Chengdu, and the hiking route is about 15 kilometers. The terrain here is steep. It is generally difficult for us to climb to the top of the mountain. Starting in the morning, we can enjoy the magnificent sunrise of Mount Balang.

How To Get  There

You need to get to Xiaojin County first.

  • Take the Chengdu-Xiaojin bus, and get off at about 6:30 a.m. every morning. The bus will take 6-8 hours. It will pass Dujiangyan, Yingxiu, Wolong and Balang Mountain scenic spots along the way. The fare is 175 yuan/person. The bus can only reach Xiaojin County, and then take a taxi or chartered bus to get there. Tea shop sub-station hotline 028-87506610, Xiaojin station hotline 0837-2781989
  • For those who can take small noodles, the fare is about 110 yuan per person. Other conditions are basically the same as those of the regular bus.

Useful Travel Tips

Admission Fee free
Opening Hours  all day long

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