Ngawa Climate


Aba prefecture has a complex climate due to its complicated geography and landform. The temperature decreases from southeast to northwest with the the rising of elevation. So Aba is characterized by apparent continental plateau climate in the northwestern tableland area, sub-humid climate in the mountain plateau, and vertical climate in the alpine valleys.

The northwestern tableland area has a continental plateau climate with long chilly winter and cool & wet summer. There is no remarkable differences in temperature between the four seasons. The annual average temperature is 0.8-4.3C .

It is sub-humid climate in the mountain plateau with cool summer and chilly winter. There are distinctive dry and wet season. The climate varies vertically, humid and cold in the high mountain region, dry and cool in the valley. The annual average temperature is 5.6- 8.9 ℃.

The southeastern alpine valleys has a distinctive vertical climate due to the elevation change, ranging from subtropical to temperate zone to cold temperate zone and frigid zone. The rainfalls mainly concentrate at the river valley below 2500 meters, which are evaporated quickly and make this region to be drought zone or semi drought zone. It is cold temperate zone between the elevation of 2500-4100 meters, with the annual average temperature 1-5C. The frigid zone appears above the elevation of 4100 meters with snow all the year round. Long summer without winter.

Best Time to Visit

The best season to travel Aba is summer and autumn, namely from June and October. Especially in October, the scenery of red leaves in Miyaluo is very gorgeous. However, the fact is that different sceneries present their best in different seasons, although travelers can visit the wonderland at any time. For example, the best time to Huanglong is from April to November, to jiuzhaigou is from September to October and to Four Maiden's Mountain is from April to August.

In addition, there are some important tourism festivals or ethnic festivals in the summer and autumn, such as international panda festival in September, Jiarong Tibetans Watch Flowers Festival from June and September, Yak Culture Festival in July, etc. Therefore, summer and autumn is the first choice of traveling Aba.

Dressing Tips

There are great temperature differences between day and night in Aba prefecture, so remember to bring enough clothing for keeping warm.

  • Spring (From March to May) : sweater, cotton sweater, long trousers, coat.
  • Summer (From June to August) : thin coat, shirt, summer clothes.
  • Autumn (From September to November) : sweaters, cotton trousers, garments, shirts, vest.
  • Winter (From December to February) : down jacket, sweater, cotton trousers, jackets, woolen pants.

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