Ngawa Travel Tips

Aba(Ngawa) Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, situate in northwest of Sichuan Province, is a ethnic prefecture of Sichuan Province. There are Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong and other world natural heritages. It is regarded as the world's best ecotourism destination by world tourism experts. Also, it was selected as "The Top 200 China Special Charming City of 2012". To ensure you a stirring visit to your heart’s content, we offer you some useful information and travel tips.

Post Offices:

Zip Code: 624000

There are many post offices in Aba prefecture with convenient service.

Useful Numbers:

  • China International country code number: 0086
  • Aba Prefecture code number: 0837
  • Ambulance:120 Fire: 119 Police: 110
  • Check Telephone Number: 114
  • Weather Forecast: 121
  • Tourism Complaint: 0837-96927, 0837-6224276
  • Aba Tourism Bureau: 0837-282265
  • Garage of Road Branch: 0837- 2482655
  • Aba County People’s Hospital: 0837-2482454
  • Jiuzhaigou County People’s Hospital: 0837-7732146
  • Songpan County People’s Hospital: 0837-7236004(Emergency)
  • Rangtang County People’s Hospital: 0837-2379120 0837-2378120

Money Exchange:

You are advised to exchange money in Chengdu city.

Best Time to Visit & Dressing Tips:

Please click Aba Climate for getting the best time to visit Aba and the dressing tips.

What’s more, there is a big difference in ticket prices and transportation costs between the rush season and the off-season in Aba prefecture, so staggered shifts can save a lot of expenses.

Must-see Attractions:

Jiuzhai Valley Natural Reserve, Huanglong National Park, Four Maiden's Mountain, Wolong National Natural Reserve, Ruoergai Grassland, etc. Please see more about Aba Attractions.

Altitude Sickness:

The altitude of the main scenic spots in Aba is between 2000 meters and 4000 meters, most people can bear the altitude sickness. Don't walk too fast in the scenic spots, especially at the high elevations. Drink plenty of water, eat more vegetables and fruits. Avoid alcohol drinking, smoking, or strenuous exercise.

For the old and children, it is best to have small oxygen tanks (available in Chengdu's drugstore). Patients of Hypertension, coronary heart disease, heart disease are not allowed to go.

Transportation Concerns:

Pedicab and taxis are the main transportation modes in all counties of the Aba prefecture with cheap price. Please see more about Aba Transportation.

Dietary Concerns:

In Aba prefecture, Tibetans and Qiang people account for 70% of the total population, therefore, the food in Aba are featured with Tibetan and Qiang style. Mostly, they are special food made from local crops such as barley and corn, maybe it is a strange taste for us. So, for most of us, it is better to bring some food with us. Or just have meals in pricier restaurants.

Religious Concerns:

Due to many ethnic groups in Aba, please respect their religions and culture when you visiting. Try to avoid talking about slaughter and marriage, as well as food and meat.

Essential Drugs:

To bring some medicine for colds, anti-inflammatory, stomach and carsickness, as well as band-aids. In the summer, anti-mosquito oil are also necessary.

Safety Concerns:

  • Wear sturdy sneakers or hiking shoes when you are hiking on the plateau and riding a horse. You are advised to choose the locals as guides to prevent animal attacks such as collies and Tibetan mastiffs.
  • Group members do not take off without authorization. Carrying the address and telephone numbers of local accommodation and hotels with you in case of an accident.
  • Take care of your valuables.
  • Pay attention to safety and notify your guide or friends if you need to go out alone at night or during free time.