Miao Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum in Kaili City

Miao Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum

Miao Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum is invested more than 30 million yuan by Kaili, an enterprise engaged in the production and processing of clothing and embroidery. It covers an area of 980 square meters and has four floors. It is divided into national clothing exhibition hall, ancient residential supplies exhibition hall, handicrafts exhibition area and silver decoration culture exhibition hall.

Where is Miao Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum?

Kaili Miao Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum is located in Kaiyuan Avenue, Kaili Economic Development Zone, Kaili City, Qiandongnan Autonomous Prefecture, next to Baoheng International Building Materials City.

Why is Miao Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum So Special?

The museum has a large number of objects, such as furniture, utensils, utensils and silverware, which have been lost for hundreds of years. It shows the history of Guizhou minority ornaments for thousands of years. It records the Ancient Rhymes of the Qin and Han Dynasties, the customs of the Tang and Song Dynasties, and the customs of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, especially the Miao and Dong ethnic ornaments, highlighting the romantic classical poetry and strong local flavor.

The museum integrates processing and production, pattern research of ethnic minorities, development and sales of embroidery technology. It has a variety of categories, unique technology, rich cultural connotation, high collection value and applicable value of decoration hall. In particular, the silver crafts are beautifully dressed, detoxified and healthy. There are various silver ornaments exhibitions in Kaili Ethnic Museum. If you think it is appropriate, you can buy them voluntarily.

How to Get to Miao Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum?

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Independent Travel


You can also take bus No.17 or No.28 to the Museum

Self Driving Reference Route

Enter Wenhua North Road from Kaili bus station, drive 520m; turn right, enter Beijing East Road, drive 690m; please go straight, enter Beijing West Road, drive 1.3km; turn left, enter Huancheng West Road, drive 1.1km; please go straight, enter Yongfeng South Road, drive 610m; turn right, enter Yingbin Avenue, drive 910m; please go straight, enter Kaikai Avenue, drive 7.8km; please go straight OK, take 2.3km to the Shanghai Ruili line, go straight to Kaiyuan Avenue, take 4.4km to the Miao Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum.

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