Leigongshan Mountain Nature Reserve in Qiandongnan

Leigongshan Nature Reserve

Located fifteen kilometers east of Kaili City, Leigongshan is that the most intriguing scenic region of the Miaoling Mountains. It’s the highest peak within the mountain ranges in the southeast of Guizhou Province. 

Introduction of Leigongshan Nature Reserve

The Origin of the Name Leigongshan

Each summer, thunderstorms are often heard resounding on the mountains, thus Leigongshan is rumored as the place where the God of Thunder lives. It gained its name as a National Nature Reserve as a result of its abundance of valuable and rare animals, overlapping mountain ridges, flourishing verdant plants and historical war remains.

What to do 

The top of Leigongshan Nature Reserve are often reached at a 2178.8-meter (7148.2-feet), where guests will admire the sunset, fancy the sunrise, and even have a panoramic read of the Miaoling Mountains. An oversized variety of rare animals wandering among the virgin forests could help one feel one has came to the great nature. The climate on Leigongshan is usually rainy and wet, and changes constantly, creating summer as comfy as spring and autumn, which helps it a perfect summer resort for tourists.

Story and Legend

On the summit of Leigongshan Moutain, there’s square water well. The rain cannot fill it and also the drought cannot dry it. This strange well was said to be dug by Yang Daliu and Zhang Xiumei who led the native Miao ethnic groups rebelled against the tyranny of Qing authority. However the robust Qing troopers drove them to Leigongshan Mountain. The barren Leigongshan Mountain had no water that created Zhang and Yang worried substantially. They had to search out water however failed finally. Out of utmost worry and anger, Yang heavily stamped his feet and suddenly a spring of clear water came out. With nice joy, Zhang took out of his machete and chiseled round the place where the water came out. Soon there appeared a tiny low water well. From then on, they not solely had water to drink however conjointly farmed on high of Leigongshan Mountain. They kept on fighting, however suffered defeat finally, and also the water well slowly reduced to today’s size.

How to Get There

  • Take a bus from Guiyang East Passenger Transport Center to Kaili at the fare of CNY 70 or so. Or take a train to Kaili Railway Station. Upon arrival, take a bus to Leishan County. Visitors can also take a direct bus from Guiyang East Passenger Transport Center to Leishan County. The bus leaves at 11:00, 13:30 and 16:00.
  • Take a mini bus from Leishan Bus Station bound for Fangxiang Town and get off at the scenic area on the halfway. The bus leaves at 09:00 and 14:00, bus fare is around CNY 9.

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Edited by  Lynette Fu/付云锐