Balihe Scenic Area in Fuyang City

Balihe Scenic Area in Fuyang City

On the eastern side of Balihe Town Yingshan county, the Balihe Scenic Area is six km north of the county seat and 60 km northwest of Fuyang city, with an area of some 1,200 hectares. Known as Nanhu Park, the major tourist attractions include the World Scenic Area, Splendid China, Zoo on the Water and an amusement park.

Introduction of Balihe Scenic Area

A good place is a scenic spot worth visiting in Anhui Province, which is divided into East District, West District, Bird Language Forest, Twelve Flowers Island and Ming and Qing Yuan. Bird Language Forest is mainly an animal, the farthest east area is a rocking bridge, and the west area concentrates world scenic spots.


The area is covered by slim willows and blooming flowers and dotted with wonderful artificial hills. The long corridors zigzag along the Lotus Pond. Jiutian Waterfall in the Splendid China area, 90 meters wide and 20 meters high, looks so majestic and spectacular from a distance. The Nine Dragon Screen and White Sparrow Temple represent the unique oriental architectural style and pool together the best of traditional Chinese culture. All these landscapes are much admired by tourists.

How to Get There

  • One and a half hours from Hefei to the scenic spot, five hours from Zhengzhou to the scenic spot, and four hours from Nanjing to the scenic spot.
  • There are direct buses to scenic spots in major cities of Anhui Province, and there are many buses to scenic spots in Yingshang County.

Nearby Attractions

  • Wuli Lake Ecological Wetland Park
  • Digou Scenic Area
  • You’s Family Garden

Main Attractions in Anhui

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