Jingdong Grand Canyon in Beijing

Why is Jingdong Grand Canyon in Beijing so Special?

Jingdong Grand Canyon stands out for its steep mountains and deep valleys. It provides visitors with a wide range of beautiful landscapes. Inside it are green hills, clear waters, Karst caves, deep ponds, wide valleys, perilous peaks and plunging waterfalls. Hundreds of hectares of pine trees grow in it.

Where is Jingdong Grand Canyon in Beijing?

Jingdong Grand Canyon is located to the north of Yuzi Village, Pinggu District, 53 miles (about 85 kilometers) from downtown Beijing. And it includes Grand Canyon and Jingtai Mountain Scenic Area.

How to Get There?

  • Bus No.918 leaves from Dongzhimen of Beijing at 07:30 daily. Arriving at Pinggu District, transfer to Jingdong Grand Canyon by minibus. The bus drives to Beijing at 15:30.
  • On legal holidays take bus No.28, 109 or 350 at East Bridge of Beijing (北京东大桥). The buses leave Beijing at 08:00 and drive back to Beijing at 15:30.

Attractions of Jingdong Grand Canyon

The Pond of Five Dragons

The naturally formed five ponds are distinctive with their own features. The first one is called the Fright Pond because both sides of the valley are precipices where the tourists can only walk on the wooden walkway built which makes people feel scared. The second one is called the Pond of Danger, where the wooden walkway is built on the high cliffs facing the deep abyss below, also being dangerous.

The third pond is called the Strange Pond since the water and the waterfall keep the tourists from going across, like coming to a hopeless situation. However, when you crawl to the mountainside, faced with the broad and wonderful scenery, you will feel so confident as if life is full of hope. The fourth one is called the Quick Pond for the reason that there’s no water in the lake, in which the water will flow away immediately. The last one is called the Pond of Sonorous Water which is famous for its sound voice made by the waterfall when it falls into the lake.

The Wooden Walkways

The Big Valley of Eastern Beijing is famous for the Five Ponds. However, the wooden walkways crossing four of them also have their own characters and become another wonder of the big valley. The first two of them are built against the cliffs like two dragons lying on the cliffs.

The wooden walkways crossing the four ponds are linked by ten steel ropes. They crawl against the cliffs up to the mountaintop and go across the ponds like the rainbow. When you walk on the wooden walkways, they will shake heavily, quite dangerous and exciting.

Valley to the Sky

In the Valley, there are ten thousand mu pine forest quiet park, thatched cottages, tourist tents and hammocks of various colors, which can provide tourists with pine forest bath and rest. The Longtan Lake Dam of the water amusement park in the scenic area is 30 meters high and 30 meters deep. Motorboats are equipped on the water for tourists to enjoy.

Useful Travel Tips

  • Opening Hours: 08:00-18:30
  • Ticket: 
Entrance Fee CNY 68
Speed Boat (for 5 minutes) CNY 40
Cableway (round-trip) CNY 60
Slideway CNY 100
Tightrope Walking CNY 20
Glass Bridge CNY 20
Opening Hours 08:00 – 18:30

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