Baihua Mountain in Beijing

Why is Baiwangshan Forest Park in Beijing so Special?

Baihua Mountain Scenic Area has beautiful natural landscapes and diverse geology. It is popular among the locals and tourists and was designated a national nature reserve in 2008. You can appreciate most representative plants and trees on the mountain. A meadow on the top of mountain boasts a great variety of colorful flowers that attract many amateur photographers. If you are lucky enough you could even be blessed with a sea of clouds to add spice to your shots.

Where is Baiwangshan Forest Park in Beijing?

Baihua Mountain is located in the Mengtougou District of Beijing and belonged to the Xiaowutai branch range, about 100 km from Beijing downtown.

How to Get There?

  • Bus No. 929 Zhi from the west of Pingguoyuan Subway Station to Baihuashan Lukou, and then you could walk to the Baihua Mountain.

Highlights of Baiwangshan Forest Park

Baihua is the meaning of a hundred flowers. This mountain is very famous in Beijing and develops very early. Li Keyong, a warlord of the later Tang Dynasty, built a pavilion here for military purposes. In the Ming Dynasty, the Longwang Temple and Ruiyun temple were built in this area. Baihua Mountain natural scenic spot was officially opened to the public in 1992.
Baihua Mountain is a good place for tourism because of its unique environment, beautiful scenery and cool weather. In terms of plants, there are 1100 species of 485 genera in 130 families, including 400 species of medicinal plants and 170 species of animals. The tourism resources of Baihua Mountain can be divided into four scenic areas, namely, the main peak area, the Baihua meadow area, the Wanghai tower area and Baicaopan area.

Useful Travel Tips

  • Admission Fee: CNY 30
  • Opening Hours: 08:00-18:00
  • The scenic spot closes from late October to April every year.
  • The surroundings can get a little too chilly so make sure you make arrangements to keep warm.
  • Be cautious of intensive sunshine.
  • Food should be prepared for it is not convenient to purchase near the spot.

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