Huagudeng Carnival Amusement Park in Bengbu City

Why is Huagudeng Carnival so special?

Huagudeng Carnival Amusement Park pays attention to absorbing traditional regional cultural elements, through various means to display and systematically develop the national intangible cultural heritage – Huagudeng Cultural Protection, Inheritance and Development of Huagudeng Art, creating a new mode of cultural industry development which integrates modern tourism and leisure with traditional non-heritage culture.

Cultural Background of Huagudeng Carnival

Huagudeng is a relatively complete and systematic folk art form circulating in the Huaihe River Basin. It has a long history and has been circulating for hundreds of years since the Song Dynasty. Flower drum lanterns are rich in content, with songs and dances and dramas. They are also representatives of the folk song and dance art of the Han nationality. They have been praised as “Oriental ballet”.

Main Attractions in Huagudeng Carnival

Huagudeng Carnival Amusement Park integrates folk culture and leisure and play, so that you can feel the charm of culture in a happy play. In the lively paradise, stage, restaurant, square and other performances can be seen everywhere. The 110-meter-high Ferris Wheel has become a new landmark of Bengbu. At the same time, children’s social experience hall and water park are also the highlights of the carnival.

Carnival City Square(嘉年华城市广场)

Carnival City Square is not only the main distribution square of the park, but also the core area of the periphery of the park. With the theme of Otelles, it integrates indoor recreation, tourist shopping, featured catering, leisure and entertainment. Especially the Ferris wheel in the center of the square is not only the landmark of the flower drum lantern carnival, but also the new landmark of Bengbu.

Huagudeng Cultural Square(花鼓灯文化广场)

While undertaking the function of traffic evacuation, Huagudeng Cultural Square provides a more important platform for the display of Huagudeng Culture. It includes Huagudeng culture and art gallery, large-scale water show performances with Huagudeng theme and the best drum.

Art Gallery(美术馆)

The Huagudeng Carnival Art Museum is a public welfare social and cultural venue. Located on the left side of the entrance to the amusement park, facing the Huagudeng Cultural Square, it is an art exhibition hall with complete functions and advanced facilities. Building area of more than 700 square meters, two floors, a total of two exhibition halls, can display more than 200 pieces of various paintings and calligraphy works at the same time, equipped with modern facilities, providing a good condition for holding various art exhibitions.

Water World(缤纷水世界)

The colorful Water World is based on the coastal customs of Southeast Asia. The construction projects include: dry spraying plaza, wave-making pool, artificial beach, water pool, circulation river, water bubble slideway, spa pool, etc. It is a summer resort and water paradise in hot summer. The standard swimming pool in Water World can also be used for professional training and small events.

Fairy Tale World(童话世界)

This is a world full of naivety and children’s fun. In addition to children’s amusement projects such as double-decker horse-spinning and cup-spinning, there are also Bebi’s homeland with children’s experience and social practice as the theme, which has become a children’s paradise in the true sense of education and entertainment.

How to Get to Huagudeng Carnival Amusement Park

By Self-driving

  • Route 1:

Hefei-Jingtai Expressway-Bengbu Export Provincial Highway 207-Yanshan Road-to Yanshan Road and Chaoyang Road Fork-Huagudeng Carnival

  • Route 2:

Hefei-Jingtai Expressway-Bengbu Export Provincial Highway 207-Yanshan Road-to Yanshan Road and Chaoyang Road Fork-Huagudeng Carnival

By Bus

Bus No. 118 – Huagudeng Carnival Amusement Park

Useful Travel Tips

1. Opening Hours

10:00-20:00,July 16-August 31;Water World Business Hours 13:30-21:00 June 16-August 31.
Ferris wheel business hours 13:30-21:00 on weekdays and 10:00-21:00 on weekends. Stop checking tickets at 20 o’clock every day for reference only. The actual announcement of the scenic spot shall prevail.

2. Tickets

The entrance ticket for the Huagudeng Carnival Amusement Park is ¥120/person. Ferris wheel charges for individual items: 30 yuan per person.

3. Accommodation

In Zhanggongshan area, 20% of tourists choose to live here.The area has convenient transportation, and there are many bus lines directly to this area, which is convenient for travel.