Dabieshan Rainbow Waterfall in Anqing City

Dabie Mountain Rainbow Waterfall Scenic Area is located in Huangwei Town, Yuexi County, Anhui Province. It is 34 kilometers away from Yuexi County and Huoshan County, and only 1.5 kilometers from the yellow tail of the six subsections of the Ji Guang expressway. The scenic spot has a square area of 40 square kilometers and a core area of 3.2 square kilometers. It is a national AAAA class tourist attraction.

Why is Dabieshan Rainbow Waterfall so special?

The scenic spot has the largest rainbow waterfall in East China, and the original ecological giant stone river valley and the deep Jian gorge landscape. There are dreamlike Rainbow Waterfall and original ecological Monkey River Canyon, as well as many rivers and islands ,therefore, the Dabie Mountain Rainbow Waterfall Scenic spot can be regarded as a landscape scenic spot integrating canyon, waterfall, streams and culture. 

Main Attractions in Dabieshan Rainbow Waterfall

The combination of the scenic spot, the rainbow waterfall spectacles, the rubber boat surfing and drifting, the tea tasting experience, Yu Xiangyan climbing,the real CS expansion experience, the leisure shopping, and the leisure shopping, main attractions including:Rainbow Waterfall, Monkey River Canyon, Rainbow Waterfall Tea Garden, Huanglong Island Tourist Service Center, Rainbow Bridge on Huanglong Island

Rainbow Waterfall(彩虹瀑布)

The Rainbow Waterfall is the characteristic scenic spot of Dabie Mountain Rainbow Waterfall. It is located in the middle and lower reaches of the Monkey River. The waterfall is 80 meters high and 25 meters wide. The average flow rate is 2.0 to 5.0 cubic meters per second. The water flows down from the monkey cliff, the river hits rock, the water is splashing, like the spray clouds, the sunshine through the mist, showing a gorgeous rainbow.

Monkey River Canyon(猴河峡谷)

The Monkey River Canyon originates from the main peak of the Dabie Mountain, Baima and Tianhe, and the monkey river is named because of the emergence of monkeys in the gorge. The monkey River Valley is more than 500 meters deep, standing under the waterfall, you will feel the drops of water, like a clear rain, wet the clothes of the visitors, and everything looks so small in front of it.

Rainbow Waterfall Tea Garden (彩虹瀑布茶园)

Rainbow Waterfall Tea Garden is located on the left side of Rainbow Waterfall.  Rainbow Waterfall Tea has the functions of nourishing body, quenching thirst, refreshing mind, bright eyes and clearing heat. The efficacy of diuresis, elimination and detoxification. The tea growing in the Dabie Mountains is connected by buds and leaves, stretching into blossoms, resembling orchids, with a clear and persistent aroma.

Rainbow Bridge on Huanglong Island(黄龙岛彩虹桥)

Rainbow Bridge is located at the entrance of Huanglong Island Service Center. The arch bridge is like a rainbow over the lake.

Kayak Rafting(皮划艇漂流)

Kayak rafting begins at 300 meters below the waterfall and terminates at the terminal of the tourist service center in the scenic area. The water quality exceeds the national standard.

The Real CS Radium Warfare(真人CS镭战)

In recent years, field games have become a very popular outdoor activities, the field game is actually a kind of imitation of military combat. Participants wear various uniforms, hold toy BB guns, equipped with various field equipment, shuttle through the jungle, show various formations, personal skills, all put into the role of a soldier or general.

How to Get There

The Dabie Mountain Rainbow Waterfall Scenic Area is located in the north of Yuexi County, 34 kilometers from the two county towns of Yuexi and Mount Holyoke, and only 1.5 kilometers from the yellow tail of the six subsections of the Ji Guang expressway.

Useful Travel Tips

1. Best Time to Visit

As the rain area of Monkey River is more than 60 square kilometers, the average altitude is over kilometers. The rainfall is abundant, and it does not dry up in all seasons. Therefore there are waterfalls in spring, summer, autumn and winter. But the best season for enjoying waterfalls is spring and summer.

2. Tickets

The entrance ticket for the Dabieshan Rainbow Waterfall is ¥110/person. Adult ticket 90 yuan/person. Children’s ticket 45 yuan/person.  

3. Facility

There are self-service restaurants (which can accommodate 200 people at the same time), tourist rest centers, shopping malls, 4000 square meters of tourist Plaza and 10000 square meters of large parking lot in Zhonghezhou service area. Huanglong Island Tourist Service Center is located in Zhonghe Island. There are self-service restaurants, shopping malls, 4000 square meters tourist plaza, 15000 square meters large parking lot, Qishi Hall and other facilities on the island. Huanglong Island is surrounded by water. There are boats and water bicycles on the lake.

4. Accommodation

Travelers can stay overnight in Yuexi County after visit, and there are also some hotels in the county.