Hangzhou Entertainment and Nightlife

Hangzhou Entertainment and Nightlife introduces the recreation of Hangzhou Nightlife, Things to Do in Hangzhou at Night, Hangzhou Night Cruise, Hangzhou Entertainment such as night tours, night cruise, night market, cinemas and performances, as well as the nightlife and all kinds of popular activities and all kinds of tea houses, cafes, bars and other entertainment places in Hangzhou.

Life after dark in Hangzhou offers plenty of attractions and activities for entertainment, you can watch night performance and shows, take a night cruise, go night shopping at Qinghefang Street or just relax yourself at the tea house, clubs and bars. Whatever the type of entertainment that you are looking for, you are sure to find it here in Hangzhou.

The Best Ways to Enjoy the Nightlife in Hangzhou

Enjoy West Lake Music Fountain

During your night trip to West Lake, you can also enjoy the music fountain show if you come to the right time.  The West Lake Music Fountain is situated in the Lakeside Park and is a must-see for the West Lake Night Tour. The fountain is also open during the day, but during the night it looks more spectacular due to its colored lighting facilities. Numerous water columns dance to the light and music in the night. You can come here to shop, have dinner, enjoy the music fountain and witness the view of West Lake in the evening. Show time: 19:00 and 20:00, about 15 minutes per show.

Join the Hangzhou Grand Canal Night Cruise

The Hangzhou Grand Canal Night Tour starts from Wulinmen Wharf in Xiacheng District of Hangzhou, and sails along the canal to the southern end of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. It then returns to the Jiangnan Ancient Bridge. There will be a commentator on the boat, guiding visitors through the historical sites along the coast, including a beautiful light show. Visitors can also sample Longjing Tea, a local specialty, on board. Visitors can also take boats instead of buses to get around the city during the day.

Go Night Shopping at Qinghefang Street

Qinghefang Street is one of the most popular commercial districts in Hangzhou. The shops along the street are remodeled from old buildings, lending a quaint atmosphere to the area. There are various local snacks, time-honored brands, and tea houses. In the background is Wushan, and Gaoyin Street, a food lover’s paradise, is also nearby. Both tourists and locals often come to this area. This commercial pedestrian area is not overly large, although the shop offerings are very comprehensive; it can be considered to be a microcosm of Hangzhou’s unique characteristics. Most of the local specialties can be found here. In addition to local eats and shopping, Qinghefang also has many other venues that are worth visiting.

Modern Night Recreation at Nanshan Road

Nanshan Road in Hangzhou is the top choice for your night entertainment, provided with a wide variety of the city’s best clubs, pubs and bars offering all manner of entertainment, from live music to the most popular music. You may sit at a bar to enjoy the cold beer just for relax, or you may also hop in a live music bar for listening or even show off.

Quieter Rest at Chenghuang Tea House

 Situated on the popular Tea House Street, not only does this Chen Huang offer excellent service and great teas, but also access to Cheng Huang Pavilion from where you can enjoy panoramic views of the entire city and the scenic Wu Mountain. The tea house is decked out in simple and elegant style, with wood furniture. There are tea ceremony demonstrations and traditional Chinese music performances in the evening.

Night Tours and Cruises in Hangzhou

Night tours in Hangzhou usually include night cruise and night shows, sometimes combining both of them. Night cruise on the West Lake and Hangzhou Grand Canal and Qiantang River Night Cruise are the most popular ones among visitors to Hangzhou. Performances like Romance of the Song Dynasty Show and the Impression West Lake turn out to be the must-see performances in Hangzhou. Private Hangzhou night tour also include night city exploration such as shopping, which will unveil you another scene of Hangzhou.

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Children-Friendly Attractions in Hangzhou

With pleasant surroundings and lots of amusement parks, Hangzhou is among the places most suitable for China family tours. There are zoos, nature parks, and amusement parks for the whole family to explore and spend a great time in. The following parks are for your reference if you travel to Hangzhou with your children.

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Night Markets and Entertainment Venues in Hangzhou

Streets and Markets for Night Shopping in Hangzhou

Wushan Night Market

As the most historic and “fierce” night market in Hangzhou, Wushan night market is not in Wushan, but in Huixing Road, near the Huixing Middle School. This night market sells a variety of products, from small ornaments to luggage and clothing. You can buy a lot of snacks and souvenirs there. What you need to know is that it’s crowded at night but you will have much fun there.

Wulin Road

It is a shopping paradise in the downtown area and one of the fashionable centers featuring hundreds of shops and departments selling ladies’ wear in various brands and styles.

Women’s Street in Wulin Road: In addition to the major brand stores, this is the base for the women’s wear, with all the brands, jewelry, food and beverage, etc.

Wulin Square

Intime Department Store in the south, Hangzhou Tower in the north, and Hangzhou Department Store, International Trade Store, are enough to satisfy the most demanding shopping. You can buy all sorts of things you want there. Along the Yan’an Road all the way to the south are all commercial stores, especially Longxiang and Gonglian, which are the most famous.

Yan’an Road

Yan’an Road is a shopping street about 3000 meters long. As a popular Hangzhou shopping destination,it has a number of large department stores, such as Zhejiang Intime Department Store and Hangzhou Lane Crawford Store, as well as smaller shops selling quality items, knock-offs and discounted goods. You can buy some typical Hangzhou specialties and souveni here

Qinghefang Street & Southern Song Imperial Street

These two streets are quite special because you could feel deep atmosphere of ancient Chinese culture from the architecture there. The snacks there gather lots delicious food both from local and other places. It’s a wonderful place to buy food and souvenirs there. Besides, it’s quite close to the West Lake. It’s just 10 minutes’ walk away from the West Lake. Hefang Street and Southern Song Imperial Street are popular choices for foreigners nowadays.

Popular Shopping Malls in Hangzhou

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Popular Bars in Hangzhou

  • Huo Zhi Liao Bar
    Address:102 Nanshan Road
  • Reggae Bar
    Address: No. 46, Shuguang Road
    Tel:0571- 8657 5749
  • Luo Man Bar
    Address:24 Baoshu Road, West Lake District
  • Casablanca Village Bar
    Address:No. 6 Park beside West Lake
  • Back Street Bar
    Add: 2 Baoshu Road

Pubs and Clubs in Hangzhou

  • Blue Seashore Club
    Add:86 Shuguang Road, West Lake District
  • Boningdun International Club
    Address: 2F No. 20 Wensan Road, West Lake District
    Tel: 0086-571-88072873
  • G+Club
    Address: Hubin Road, Shangcheng District
    Tel: 0571-28195888
  • Hangzhou JZ Club
    Address:No. 6, Liuying Road, Shangcheng District
    Tel: 0571-87028295
  • Shamrock Irish Pub
    Add: No. 89 Jiefang Road

Famous Tea Houses in Hangzhou

  • Chenghuang Tea House (城隍茶室)
    Address:26 Hefang Street, Shangcheng District
  • Leifengge Tea House (雷峰阁茶室)
    Address: No. 7, Nanshan Road, Xihu
    Tel: 0571- 8798 7781
  • Yi shi (一时)
    Address: No. 13, Tianzhu Road, Xihu District
  • Qingzhu Tea House (青竹茶舍)
    Address:No. 31, Beishan  Road, Xihu District
  • Wu She Tea House (吾舍)
    Address: No.4, Zhaogongdi Causeway, Xihu District
    Tel: 0571-88302567

 Café in Hangzhou

  • Violet Coffee Shop
    Address:In Continental, 2 Pinghai Road
  • Xingjiconglin Coffee Shop
    Address:126 Pinghai Road, Shangcheng District
  • Yidou Coffee & Black Tea Shop
    Address:7 Xiaonv Road, Shangcheng District
  • Blue Mountain Coffee Shop
    Address:56-58 Dingan Road, Shangcheng District
    Bus:No. 151, 7, 31

Cinemas in Hangzhou

  • Hangzhou UME International Cineplex 杭州UME国际影城
    Address: 551 West Wen’er Rd (Xicheng Plaza, 4th Floor), Xihu District (西湖区文二西路551号西城广场4楼)
    Tel: 0571 8810 0999
  • Xinhua Cinema 新华影都
    Address: 169 Qingchun Rd (Wahaha Meishicheng, 3rd Floor) (庆春路169号哇哈哈美食城三楼)
    Tel: 0571-87049310
  • Zhejiang Oscar Cinema World 浙江奥斯卡电影大世界
    Address:  38 Longyou Rd, Xiacheng District (下城区龙游路38号)
    Tel: 0086-571-87132358
  • Qingchun Cinema World 庆春电影大世界
    Address:  60 Qingchun Rd (Dongqin Plaza, Building E), Hangzhou (庆春路60号东清大厦E座)
    Tel: 0571 – 8721 9585

Performances in Hangzhou

Show and performances in Hangzhou offer your diverse perspectives to know this charming place. You shouldn’t miss the Impression West Lake Show  which can best be described as a grand spectacle of lights, music, dance and theatrics.

Impression West Lake

Venue:No. 82 Beishan Rd (across from the Yue Fei Temple), Xihu District
Time: 19:45-20:45 (First Performance)
Intro :  The show draws deeply from the legends and myths of Hangzhou’s ancient folk culture to recreate some of the representative elements of West Lake’s human history. It also uses hi-tech special effects to create “West Lake Rain,” which showcases the natural charm of West Lake in the rain from a side-view.

Romance of Song Dynasty Show

Venue:Song Dynasty Town, No. 148 Zhijiang Avenue, Hangzhou
Time: Afternoon Show 14:00 – 15:00; Night Show: around 19:20 – 20:20
Intro : The Romance of the Song Dynasty is an indoor performance involving many elements such as singing, dancing, acrobatics, legends, myths, traditions, and so on. It is an easy and direct way to show visitors the charm of both tangible and intangible artifacts for them to understand the history, tradition, and the lifestyles in Hangzhou.

West Lake International Fireworks Show

VenueWest Lake
Date: In the middle of October
Intro:This dazzling event in West Lake draws thousand of viewers to the fireworks site to witness the glittering and colorful skyline. Thousands of new fireworks products from different countries entertain enthusiastic visitors.

Thousand-Islet-Lake Water Show

Date:Thousand Isle Lake
Intro: The water show consists of activity show, charm show and potential show, involving yacht exhibition, folk art month, contest for Olympics ambassador, cooking contest and other events. 

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