Getu River in Anshun

Getu River

Getu river is a tributary of Mengjiang River, a tributary of Hongshui River in the Pearl River Basin. The Getu river is 128 kilometers long. It originates in Changshun county and flows through Changshun County, Ziyun County, Luodian county and other counties. It flows into Mengjiang river near Youran, Daguan village, younao Township, Luodian county. The drainage area is 2441 square kilometers, covering Anshun, Pingba, Changshun, Ziyun, Luodian and other counties. The main tributaries are Daba River and Baisuo river.

The geconvex River Basin has beautiful scenery and rich tourism resources. In 2011, the geconvex River Chuandong scenic spot in Ziyun county was included in the national key scenic spot and the first batch of national natural and cultural heritage reserve list.

How to Get to Getu River?

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Independent Travel

  • From Anshun south bus station to Ziyun, the fare is 28 yuan, from 6:30 to 18:00 in the morning, about 20 minutes a shift, and the journey is about 2 hours.
  • Take the bus from Ziyun to geliu River in Ziyun bus station. The terminal is geliu River scenic area. The fare is 12 yuan, and the journey is about 1 hour. Depending on the situation in the light and peak seasons, it takes about half an hour to one hour.
  • Take the direct bus at Jinyang bus terminal, the departure time is basically 8:30; 11:30; 13:30; 15:30. Ziyun to Guiyang at Ziyun bus station, departure time: 7:00; 8:30; 10; 30; 13:00 On the return trip, the bus will stop at the gate of ticket center of geconvex River scenic area. If possible, it’s best to leave before 3 p.m. to return to Ziyun to avoid missing the bus back to Ziyun county.

Useful Travel Tips

1. The whole geconvex River scenic area is very large, and most of the others are undeveloped areas, with certain risks and intensity. Tourists who lack certain professional equipment and relevant experience are better not to try.

2. You can’t see any tips and maps about the browsing route in the scenic spot. It’s better to travel in groups or with local Miao villagers’ guides. Don’t get lost.

3. When Tianxing cave is in winter or the river is not enough, the boat can’t get to the cave.

4. Miao village tour guides in the scenic spot have been in contact with tourists for a long time. Mandarin is very good, and they are all enthusiastic and talkative, so they don’t need to worry about communication.

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