Flying Clouds Cliff (Feiyun Cliff) in Huangping County, Qiandongnan

Why is Flying Clouds Cliff So Special?

Boasting a group of ancient structures that includes archways, pavilions, temple halls and corridors, Flying Clouds Cliff (Feiyun Cliff) is a major ancient site of the Wuyang River Scenic Resort. It combines the marvelous natural scenery with exquisite buildings to form a truly fascinating and very highly rated place in south Guizhou.

Where is Flying Clouds Cliff

This cliff is located at the foot of Mount Dongpo, 12 kilometers (7 miles) east of Huangping. It was originally built in 1443 of the Ming Dynasty and then restored several times during the Qing Dynasty. Occupying an area of 2,000 square meters (2392 square yards), it is composed of three main buildings: Moon Pond Temple, Moon Pond Palace and Fostering Cloud Pavilion, which encompass both the religious and the gardenesque architectural styles. When seen from afar, the grand and peculiar cliff is like flying clouds towering in mid air, which is how it got the name Flying Clouds Cliff.

Main Attraction of Flying Clouds Cliff

Feiyun Cliff is thickly wooded and the ancient buildings are harmoniously covered with shade. Beautiful nature and manufactured landscapes make cliffs a feature of spring day all year round. So there is no doubt that this is an attractive tourist destination. Walking there, you may feel that you have entered a wonderland. Carving arches have religious mystery and show advanced carving art. Simple decorated pavilions adorn the courtyard and become a place for people to rest. There are Buddha statues in the middle of the quiet temple hall, where you can smell the fragrance of fragrant candles from a distance. All these sights and sounds, including the picturesque cliff scenery, the gurgling water among the mountains and the sound of birds in the woods, will wash away your worries and make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Countless poets, scholars, officials and businessmen visited feiyun cliff, because ancient post roads in Ming and Qing dynasties passed through here. Over the years, tourists have left a large number of stone carvings.

Wang Yangming, a scholar of the Ming Dynasty, said ‘Mountains under the heaven compare their beauty in Yunnan and Guizhou while the Flying Clouds Cliff is the most impressive and representative among them.’

Annually, on the 8th day of the 4th lunar month, the ethnic minority people of neighboring areas gather at this cliff to hold their grand celebrations. During the celebrations, men play the Lusheng Pipe (a musical instrument made of bamboo), girls dance gracefully on large drums and some people burn joss sticks and pray to the God for blessings for their families. Other activities like horse racing and bullfighting are very popular too.

Best Time to Travel Flying Clouds Cliff

Guizhou does not have the best season, because traveling to Guizhou is suitable for all seasons.

Spring is the season when everything recovers. Jiuchongge is a national flower in southwest Guizhou, distributed in every corner of Guizhou. At this time, the weather in Qiannan is very good, and the climate is also very good. It’s good to see clouds in Wan Fenglin. Besides, the flowers in Guizhou Garden have already opened. You can enjoy them. Guizhou is in the rainy season in summer. Although the weather is not very good, it has become the Marin River Gorge. Due to abundant rainfall, hundreds of waterfalls have raced along the Marin River Gorge. At this time, the rice in Wan Fenglin has turned yellow and become a sea of golden flowers. When walking in the field, you can smell rice fragrance.

How To Get  There

  • The scenic spot is located beside the highway linking Huangping County and Shibing County. Visitors can take a bus from Huangping to Shibing and get off after a 20-minute ride or so. The fare is around CNY 4. Or they can take a bus from Guiyang, Zhenyuan, or Shibing to there.

Useful Travel Tips

Admission Fee Free
Opening Hours 08:00 – 18:00

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