Double Third Festival of Zhuang in Guangxi

The Double Third Festival, celebrated by the Zhuang ethnic group in Guangxi, China, is a significant cultural event marking the third day of the third lunar month. Also known as “San Yue San” in Chinese, it holds deep cultural and historical significance for the Zhuang people, representing the arrival of spring and the revival of nature.

During the Double Third Festival, various traditional customs and activities are observed by the Zhuang community. These may include:

  1. Dragon Boat Racing: Similar to the Dragon Boat Festival celebrated by many other ethnic groups in China, the Zhuang people participate in dragon boat races on rivers and lakes. These races symbolize the community’s unity, teamwork, and the commemoration of Qu Yuan, a legendary figure in Chinese history.
  2. Singing and Dancing: The Zhuang people are known for their rich musical and dance traditions. During the Double Third Festival, lively performances featuring traditional Zhuang songs and dances are staged in villages and towns. These performances showcase the vibrant cultural heritage of the Zhuang ethnic group and bring people together in celebration.
  3. Feasting and Food: Like many festivals in Chinese culture, the Double Third Festival is also an occasion for families and friends to gather and enjoy special meals together. Traditional Zhuang dishes, often featuring local ingredients and flavors, are prepared and shared during this time. Special delicacies may include bamboo rice, glutinous rice cakes, and various savory dishes.
  4. Visiting Ancestors’ Graves: An important aspect of the Double Third Festival is paying respects to ancestors and deceased family members. Zhuang families visit ancestral graves to clean and decorate them, offer prayers, and make offerings of food and incense. This ritual is a way of honoring ancestors and maintaining connections with past generations.
  5. Folk Games and Activities: In addition to dragon boat racing, other traditional games and activities may be organized during the Double Third Festival. These can include tug-of-war competitions, folk performances, martial arts demonstrations, and more. These activities foster community spirit and provide entertainment for people of all ages.

    Double Third Festival of Zhuang in Guangxi
    Double Third Festival of Zhuang in Guangxi

Overall, the Double Third Festival of the Zhuang ethnic group is a time of joy, unity, and cultural pride. It serves as an opportunity for people to come together, celebrate their heritage, and reaffirm their bonds with one another and with their ancestors.