Zhejiang Festivals and Events

Here are some further information about Zhejiang festivals and activities.

  • China International Qianjiang River Tidal Bore Festival

    China International Qianjiang River Tidal Bore Festival is one the major tourism activities in Zhejiang. With tidal bore watching as the main theme of the activity, it offers sacrifice to tide and all kinds of garden visiting. Its ceremony usually falls on the sixteenth day of the eighth lunar month at Zhonggulou Square, Yanguan, Jiaxing city, Zhejiang province. People represent culture of tidal watching by folk song and dance performances. Besides, there are tidal watching activities in spring and summer.

  • Lanting Calligraphy Festival

    Annual Lanting Calligraphy Festival falls on the third lunar month. There are all kinds of activities like calligraphy works exhibition. The festival is a splendid way to know more about Chinese calligraphy. It has a long history which can trace bake to AD 353.

  • Xitang Temple Fair

    It is most boisterous period when people welcome this festival. During this activity, almost all Xitang people would go out of their homes to see “Qilaoye” who is a legendary figure that is said to help a lot people in Ming Dynasty. And only during this festival, people could see him because in regular life, he is in the temple. Of course, people just could see its statue now.

  • Huzhou Hanshan Silkworm Festival

    Huzhou Hanshan Silkworm Festival falls on April in Hanshan Village, Shanlian Town, Huzhou city. Hanshan is known as the sacred land of silkworm. It is said that the Goddess of Silkworm would come as a regular women during the Qingming Festival and leave a kind of spirit. People who go to Hanshan would receive this kind of spirit and bring it bamboo so they would have a good harvest of silkworm. For thousands of years, silkworm raisers go to Hanshan since they wish to bring the spirit back. The main activities in the festival are offering sacrifice to the God of silkworm, spring outing, silkworm meal eating, silkworm lady choosing, etc.

  • Hangzhou West Lake International exposition

    Hangzhou West Lake International exposition falls on the period from October to November. There are all kinds of exhibitions, forums and performances that cover culture, art, fashion, science, commerce, tourism, cuisine, etc.