Zhejiang Climate

The climate and weather in Zhejiang varies in four distinctive seasons.

Spring is at the turn of East Asian monsoon from winter monsoon to summer monsoon. Zhejiang in this period are cold and rainy with frequent coastal and offshore wind. The rainfall increases and sunny days come uncertainly. Average temperature is between 13℃ and 18℃. The temperature decrease from inland areas to coastal areas and the precipitation reduces from southwestern to northeastern coast gradually. Rainy days range from 41 to 62 days. The main meteorological disasters are rainy days, late spring coldness, etc.

In summer, with the establishment of the summer wind circulation system, the southeast wind prevails and cold air from the north still has some influence on Zhejiang weather. The main meteorological disasters are typhoon, rainstorm, drought, flood, etc.

In autumn, the influence of summer monsoon reduces and transits to winter monsoon, with active cyclone activity, much frontal precipitation and great change of temperature. The average temperature in this period varies from 16℃ to 21℃. Southeastern and middle parts meet much higher temperature than mountainous areas in the northwest.
The central and southern coastal mountainous areas have more precipitation, while the northeast areas have less.

The climate in winter is impacted by winter monsoon. Coldness, little rain, dry air and a few sunny days are main features. Average temperature is between 3℃ and 9℃. The main meteorological disasters in this time are cold wave, snow, etc.

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