Xishuangbanna Festivals and Events

Xishuangbanna is a place where multi-ethnic groups inhabit. The main minorities are Dai, Yao, Hui, Yi, Miao, Zhuang. Different nationalities create different culture. Therefore, there are diverse festivals in Xishuangbanna

Xishuangbanna Festivals:

1.The Water Splashing Festival(Dai Ethnic Minority)

In Xishuangbanna, the Water Sprinkle Festival, is an important festivity. This is the day when the Dai-minority celebrate New Year. It is the Dai people's ritual of bestowing blessings on others. The more water is splashed, the greater the blessings and happiness for the one getting wet. It takes place somewhere between April 12 and (according Gregorian calendar from April 13 in Xishungbanna in 2017). 

2. Closing-door Festival & Opening-door Festival(Dai Ethnic Minority)

This is more a fast than a festival, since activities of festival are closely related to Buddhism and daily life. There will be Theravada Buddhism ceremonies at quite frequent intervals in the village, normally every 7 days.

3. “Gatangpa” Festival of Hani Ethnic Minority

“Gatangpa” Festival is held during lunar January 1st to January 4th.  It’s a festival of Hani who commemorate the festival by making tsampas, holding memorial ceremony for God and preparing a feast. The youth of Dai make an appointment to pick wild fruits and flowers, and All people will whip the spinning tops. 

4. The Spring Festival of Lahu Ethnic Minority

Lahu Festival is obviously a significant day for Lahu people. The time of the festival is the same as Sping Festival. The period from January 1st to January 3rd is “women” day. During the time, men will take over the chores including Entertaining Guests. The period from January 14th  to January 16th is a big day for men of Lahu. Men may go hunting and drink wine. The main activity is to dance Lusheng.

5. Temaoke Festival of Jinuo Ethnic Minority

Temaoke Festival (literally "Iron-Forging Festival"), corresponding to New Year's Day in Western culture, is the most important festival for Jino and is held over a three-day period, January 6th to 8th of the Gregorian (Western) calendar. 

6. Baishijia Festival of Yi Ethnic Minority

A festival of the local Yi people in honour of a local hero, celebrated with dance and performances. While the name of the festival could be translated as 'One hundred excellent poems', in fact it is a transliteration of the Yi word for 'hero'.

Xishuangbanna Entertainment

1.Night of Lancang-Meigong River - A Party of Campfire 

Party of Campfire will be held every night in the Manting Park from 20:00 to 22:00, in which several hundreds tourists join. It highlights the song and dance, special costumes of six ethnic majorities around Xishuangbanna. A lot of food, including fruits, barbecue and buffet dinner are provided in the park. Meanwhile, tourists can dance with the performers around the need fire and join in some interesting folk games.

2. Nightclubs:

Shengtaile Club
Tel: 0691-2271669 
Location: Suburban of Jinghong City

E-age Bar
Location: Mengpeng Road, Jinghong City

Jingle Bar 
Location: Lancang River Road, Jinghong City

Fire Club
Telephone: 0691-8981297
Location: ground floor of the Electronic Product Store, Jinghong City

3. Night Market

Visit the night market and enjoy the Dai Food. Due to the high temperature in Xishuangbanna, the local people have the habit of eating barbecue outside. Just do as the Romans do.

4. Folk Art Performance

In the evening, enjoy the folk art performance such as MengBaLaNaXi,  Shuiwuyuan, etc.

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