Xishuangbanna Accommodation

As a hot tourist city, Xishuangbanna is ready to offer you various Xishuangbanna Accommodation with well-appointed rooms and superior service. According to the different destination in the itinerary in Xishuangbanna. We carefully selected the following Best Hotels in Xishuangbanna for their good location and best valued price. 

1. Empark Grand Hotel Xishuangbanna(世纪金源大酒店)

Rating: 5 Star
Add: Dashaba,Cangjiang New District, Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna
Tel: 0691-2585888

2. Crowne Plaza Resort Xishuangbanna Parkview(西双版纳万达皇冠假日度假酒店)

Rating: 5 Star
Add: No. 88 Yingbin Road, Wanda International Tourism Resort, Jinghong, Xishuangbanna
Tel: 0691-8996000

3. Just Waiting For You Inn Joyful branch in Gaozhuang Sipsongpanna(西双版纳喜乐温泉酒店)

Rating: 4 Star
Add: Building 3, Jingzai Village, Gaozhuangxishuangjing, Xishuangbanna
Tel: 0691-8985559

4. ShuiXianShan Boutique bed and breakfast(西双版纳水闲山精品民宿)

Rating: 4 Star
Add: Building 12, Jingdong Village, Gaozhuangxishuangjing, Xishuangbanna
Tel: 0691-5103244

5. Rainforest Paradise Xishuangbanna(西双版纳语霖天堂客栈)

Rating: 3 Star
Add: Building 9, Jingbao Village, Gaozhuangxishuangjing, Xishuangbanna
Tel: 0691-2225200, 2215000

6. Yi Qing homes Chiang Rai Inn(西双版纳逸清舍清莱客栈)

Rating: 3 Star
Add: Building 7, Jingliang Village, Gaozhuangxishuangjing, Xishuangbanna
Tel: 0691-2202333