Xingyi Shopping

Once you enjoy the magnificent Wangfenglin(Forest of Ten Thousands Peaks) in Xingyi, don't forget to select some souvenirs for your family and friends. Here, what to buy and where to buy in Xingyi will be introduced. 

What to Buy in Xingyi

Xingyi is located at the junction of GuizhouYunnan and Guangxi, with  beautiful scenery. Local specialties in Xingyi include Pindian Fresh Ginger(品甸生姜), Canggeng Chinese Chestnut(仓更板栗), Guizhou Chun(贵州醇酒), Xingyi Er Kuai Ba(兴义耳块粑), Xingyi Mutton Rice Noodle, Xingyi Shua Ba Tou(兴义刷把头), Qishe Tea(七舍茶) and Xingyi Duck, etc. 

Guizhou Chun(贵州醇)

Guizhou Chun is made from high quality sorghum and wheat, matching with local sweet spring water and adopting traditional solid state fermentation process. Aroma lasts long, even if adding ice and water, the taste is unchangeable, quality and affordable, strong aroma, sweet and refreshing, long aftertaste. Iron box package appears more high-grade, vogue, and suitable for the fashionable and simple style of Modern young people. Guizhou alcohol has pioneered low-alcohol strong-flavor liquor, which is called a revolution in the history of Chinese liquor brewing industry.

Canggeng Chinese Chestnut(仓更板栗)

Canggeng Chinese chestnut producing area is located in the south of Xingyi, including 7 towns and townships(Canggeng, Cangjiang, Luowan, Bajie, Nidang, Sanjiangkou and Pengzha) and taking Canggeng town as the center. Canggeng town is known as "hometown of the Chinese chestnut", the annual average temperature is 20 , annual rainfall of 1350 mm, forest coverage rate around 70%. With picturesque scenery and pleasant climate, it is one of Chinese chestnut producing areas in Guizhou. Growing on this land, Canggeng Chinese Chestnut is fertilizer free, pesticides free, pollution free, and is a pure natural food.

Xingyi Er Kuai Ba(兴义耳块粑)

Those who eat hot pot should not be unaware of Er Kuai Ba, which is a glutinous rice specialty food produced in Xingyi. Since ancient times, farmers chose the best rice and glutinous rice every year, steaming them after washing and soaking, then pounding and smashing the steamed rice, and kneading into the shape of square, oval and oblate while it is hot. There are various ways to eat, like frying and roasting. 

Where to Buy in Xingyi

Jiexin garden pedestrian street and Panjiang road commercial street are the traditional business district in Xingyi; Many large and medium-sized shopping malls gather around Jushan Square in Xingyi, including the Xingyi shopping mall, Meng Le Cheng, Meifu department store, Xing li Cheng and other shopping malls with a commercial area of 50,000-160,000 square meters, gathering various big brands, fashion goods and living goods. The large-scale wholesale markets are Mujia business and trade city and Zhexing commerce and trade city, which are located in Mujia and Maling respectively. The business scope covers clothing, grain and oil, daily necessities and all kinds of small commodities, etc. Around Mujia and Maling, there are also a number of building materials market and automobile market. 

1. Huan Le Cheng Shopping Mall(欢乐橙购物中心)
Address: Zhongxing Road, Xingyi, Qianxinan黔西南兴义市中兴路

2. Jin Shan Jiao Business and Trade City(金山角商贸城)
Address: Tiejiang Street, Xingyi City, Qianxinan黔西南兴义市铁匠街

3. Jinzhou Meifu Department Store(金州美福百货)
Address: No.33, Ruijin North Road, Jushan Subdistrict, Xingyi City, Qianxinan黔西南兴义市桔山瑞金北路33号
Tel: 0859-3668177

4. Yijia Shopping Mall(亿家购物广场)
Address: No.93, Yingbin East Road, Xingyi City, Qianxinan黔西南兴义市迎宾东路93号

5. Menglecheng Shopping Mall(梦乐城购物中心)
Address: The Crossroad of Zhongxing Road and Xingyi Avenue, Xingyi City, Qianxinan黔西南兴义市中兴路与兴义大道交叉口

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