Xingyi Dining

When you are in Xingyi, do not miss the delicious food there. Xingyi is located at the junction of GuizhouYunnan and Guangxi, with  beautiful scenery. Local food and snacks in Xingyi include Xingyi Mutton Rice Noodle, Xingyi Beef Rice Noodle, Xingyi Shua Ba Tou(兴义刷把头), Xingyi Duck, mutton, beef and dog hotpot, as well as glutinous rice cake, etc. 

What to Eat in Xingyi

Xingyi's snacks differ greatly from those in other parts of Guizhou province. The taste of mutton is quite different from that of Zunyi. Chicken Tangyuan, Shuabatou, thick stick noodles are Xingyi specialties, it is difficult to eat in other places. To fill your stomach, Xingyi's dog meat feast and goose meat, yak meat and halal restaurants are also good choices. You can see snack stands on both sides of the road in the evening, the price is not expensive, price of home cooking is generally 7-8 yuan. Meat and vegetables here are mostly green and pollution-free, safe to eat.

Xingyi Mutton Rice Noodle(兴义羊肉米粉)

Xingyi mutton rice noodle is one of the famous snacks in Xingyi. There is no local who does not love it. Mutton is cooked but not rotten, the rice noodle is snow-white, soaking it in mellow and bright red soup, spicy, fragnant and thick.

Chicken Tangyuan(鸡肉汤圆)

Chicken Tangyuan is also a famous snack in Xingyi. It was created in the late Qing dynasty. The key to chicken Tangyuan is that the chicken is the stuffing and the Tangyuan is cooked in chicken soups. It tastes fresh and smooth, and non-stick. 

Shua Ba Tou(刷把头)

Shua Ba Tou is Xingyi's famous snack, originated from the Tongzhi period of Qing Dynasty. It got the name because its shape looks like bamboo brush. Shua Ba Tou work is very fine, with flour, bamboo shoots, lean meat and eggs as the main materials. The wrapper is made of flour, eggs and water, then rolls it as thin as a paper. Put the chopped bamboo shoots into a pot with boiling water for two or three times, then rinse five or six times. When making, put the lean meat first and then bamboo shoots, finally wrap into shape and put into steamer. 

Thick Stick Noodle(杠子面)

The thick stick noodle is all handmade. Take the refined flour and put fresh eggs in proportion and knead evenly, then press the dough many times with thick stick, finally cut it into thin noodles. Cooking the noodle and put it into a bowl with chicken soup, then adding other seasonings. 

Where to Eat in Xingyi

Xingyi Fuxing Maomao City(兴义富兴猫猫城) and Banshan Maomao City(伴山猫猫城) are modern night culture clusters integrating bar, catering, entertainment, snack snacks. They are adjacent to each other, with diversified catering, culture, entertainment and consumption experience bringing people rich life to enjoy, let citizens and tourists not be restricted by time, at any time to enjoy life, even if in the evening.

Xingyi Fuxing Maomao City(兴义富兴猫猫城) is located in Jushan Subdistrict, including 5 roads, Shenqi East Road(神奇东路), Fuxing No.1 Street(富兴一街), Fuxing No.2 Street(富兴二街), Fuxing East Road(富兴东路) and Xiangjiang Road(香江路). Banshan Maomao City(伴山猫猫城) is located Banshan residential area of Jushan subdistrict, including 5 roads, Banshan No.1 Road, Banshan No.2 Road, Banshan No.3 Road, Banshan No.4 Road and Fengyi Road(凤仪路). 

1. Zhengji Shua Ba Tou(郑记刷把头)
Address: Dongfeng Road Bridge, Xingyi, Qianxinan黔西南兴义市东风路大桥旁
Tel: 13195195551/18685900102

2. Shuji Thick Stick Noodle(舒记杠子面)
Address: No.12, Tiejiang Street, Huang Cao Ba, Xingyi, Qianxinan黔西南兴义市黄草坝铁匠街12号
Tel: 0859-6241048

3. Zouji Chicken Tangyuan(邹记鸡肉汤圆)
Address:  Bishan Road, Xingyi, Qianxinan黔西南兴义市笔山路
Tel: 13195198248

4. Liuji Mutton Rice Noodle(刘记羊肉粉馆)
Address: No.44, Tiejiang Street, Hangcao Subdistrict, Xingyi, Qianxinan黔西南兴义市黄草街道铁匠街44号
Tel: 0859-3224665

5. Shi Zi Lou(狮子楼)
Address: The First Floor, Mingdu Apartment, Xingyi, Qianxinan黔西南兴义市铭都公寓1楼
Tel: 0859-3330055/0859-3299333

6. Wangji Earthenware Pot Rice(王记砂锅饭)
Address: Daozi Lane, Xingyi, Qianxinan黔西南兴义市稻子巷
Tel: 13308595657

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