Xingyi Culture

Due to its profound historical and cultural deposits as well as unique ethnic architectural style, Xingyi has been awarded "national cultural advanced city", "national science popularization demonstration city", "national cultural market advanced collective", "national cultural protection unit" and other honors in the cultural field, which has enhanced the cultural soft power of Xingyi city.

Ethnic Groups 

There are 26 ethnic groups inhabited in Xingyi, including Buyi, Miao, Han, Yi, Bai, Dai, Zhuang, Hui, Lisu, Lahu, Wa, Naxi, Yao, Zang, Jingpo, Bulang, Achang, Hani, Sibo, Pumi, Mongol, Nu, Jinuo, Deang, Shui, Man, Dulong, etc. 

Inheritors of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Xingyi

Order Number Name Gender Date of Birthday Project Name Declaration Place Classification
02-0771 Liang Xiujiang(梁秀江) Male 1955.01.15 Buyi Eight Notes(布依族八音坐唱) Xingyi City in Guizhou Folk Art Forms
02-0772 Wu Tianyu(吴天玉) Male 1954.07.20 Buyi Eight Notes(布依族八音坐唱) Xingyi City in Guizhou Folk Art Forms
05-2146 (吴天平) Male / Buyi Leyou(布依族勒尤) Xingyi City in Guizhou Traditional Music

Local Customs

  • Religion: Xingyi residents have many religious believers. The main religions are Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Christianity. In Xingyi, there are temples, mosques, Catholic churches and other places of religious activities. Buddhism is dominated by Xingyi Ten-Thousand Buddhas Monastery and Xingyi Crystal Temple, Catholicism is dominated by Xingyi old town street Catholic church, Islam is dominated by Xiawutun mosque, and Christianity is dominated by Xingyi old town street Christian church.
  • National Intangible Cultural Heritages in Xingyi: The ethnic cultural industry Buyi Eight Notes(布依八音坐唱), Leyou(勒尤), Gaotai Lion Lantern(高台狮灯) and Chabaige festival(查白歌节) were rated as national intangible cultural heritage lists.
  • Ethnic Festivals: Because of the large minority population, Xingyi has many minority festivals. Main ethnic festivals are Liu Yue Liu(Double Sixth Festival) of Buyi, Ba Yue Ba Miao Customs Festival(八月八苗族风情节), the Torch Festival of Yi and Chabaige Festival(查白歌节) of Buyi. 
  • Dietary Culture: From the perspective of food culture, influenced by Sichuan and Hunan, it is characterized by numb, spicy, fresh and fragrant, with some inheritance as well as some innovation and transcendence. Local featured food includes mutton rice noddle, beef rice noodle and goose meat rice noodle, etc. 
  • Modern Culture: Xingyi Fuxing Maomao City(兴义富兴猫猫城) and Banshan Maomao City(伴山猫猫城) are modern night culture clusters integrating bar, catering, entertainment, snack snacks. They are adjacent to each other, with diversified catering, culture, entertainment and consumption experience bringing people rich life to enjoy, let citizens and tourists not be restricted by time, at any time to enjoy life, even if in the evening.

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