Xingyi Tours

Xingyi tours are usually related to other top destinations in Guizhou, like AnshunGuiyang, and Kaili, as well as other neighboring provinces and areas like Yunnan and Guangxi. Noted for its karst landform and beautiful natural scenery, Xingyi tours will take you to Wanfenglin, Wanfenghu Lake, Malinghe River Canyon and other famous attractions in Xingyi, as well as let you experience historical culture at the former residence of He Yingqin, Xingyi Liushi Manor and the like. What's more, there are 26 ethnic groups including Buyi and Miao inhabited in Xingyi. Therefore, our tour themes in Xingyi can include minority discovery tour, nature discovery tour and adventure tour, etc. We can also customize a tour package according to your needs.