Wenshan Shopping

Wenshan enjoys not only the unique tourism resource, but also rich products.  As the town of pseudo-ginseng, pseudo-ginseng is worthy of top one of your shopping list. Moreover, there are many specialties and handicrafts in local market.

Pseudo-ginseng 三七

The Autonomous Region of Wenshan teems with Sanqi which is also called Tianqi. It got its names because it has three branches and seven leaves. (in Chinese, three is san, and seven is qi) Sanqi is a kind of plants of panax, Araliaceae. The uncooked Sanqi can stanch, strengthen the heart, dispel the extravasated blood, help the new flesh to grow, lessen the swelling, and ease the pain. The cooked Sanqi can invigorate the circulation of blood, enrich the blood, and thus make you much stronger.  In Pen-ts’ ao Kan-mu, or Compendium of Materia Medica, a famous work about Chinese medication by Li Shizheng of Ming Dynasty, Sanqi was called “Priceless”. The root, stem, flower and leaves of Sanqi can all be medicine. The usual way is to cut the dry root into slices, grind them and eat the powder. If it can be cooked together with meat or chicken, it will be even more effective. The Sanqi Steaming Pot Chicken is a famous traditional dish in Yunnan which can keep people in good health.

Wenshan Zhuang Brocade 文山壮锦

Zhuang Brocade is one of the four most famous brocades in China. There are two kinds of Zhuang Brocade: woven brocade and embroidered brocade. The woven brocade has vivid patterns and bright colours. It is strong and able to endure, and is usually used to make bedspread, hangings, bags, and so on. The embroidered brocade is made by embroidering featured patterns on the cloth or on the woven brocade. It is colourful and charming.


Capsicum of Qiubei 丘北辣椒

The capsicum is a famous local specialty of the Qiubei County. Since the end of the Ming Dynasty, they have been growing here for more than 300 years. The capsicum of Qiubei has the characteristics such as small, fleshy, bright-coloured, peppery, fragrant, and with a high quantity of heat and a high content of fat. The capsicum of Qiubei can not only serve as the seasonings, but can also stimulate the secretion of the gastric juice, and help the digestion. They are also called “the Small Capsicum of Yunnan”.

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